Tidy Books Bookcase Review and Competition

I was absolutely thrilled to be chosen as a Tidy Books Ambassador, we will be reviewing three rather fabulous products over the forthcoming months, our first scheduled review and competition is their innovative and attractive bookcase.

love how this bookcase has transformed the room of my youngest; it looks lovely
with the bookcase bringing a practical but appealing focal point to his
bedroom. I feel he can store and get at
his books so much more easily than before. 
Otherwise his books ended up by and large under his bed collecting dust
or scattered randomly around the room, now they are proudly on display in his Tidy
Books Bookcase.

He knows what he has and he can pick his bedtime story out much more easily than ever before! Come bedtime I enjoy reading him a story but I do not enjoy the twenty minutes he spends debating which one it should be, thankfully the process has been speeded up considerably now he can see everything tidily.

bookcase itself seems very sturdy I am happy for him to play alone in his
bedroom as it is securely screwed into the wall, so no danger of pulling it
down on himself along with his mini library of books.

built the bookshelf and found it relatively easy, the instructions were
comprehensive and it all seemed to slot together okay. I was not sure how I initially felt about it
being screwed into the wall, but actually once I got used to the idea I was
quite glad as I think it’s much safer for children.

bookcase like this is a real asset at encouraging reading, the letters on the
front help youngsters starting out as they can begin to recognise the alphabet and then you can do a little quiz pointing at different ones and seeing if they
answer correctly.

will enjoy filling the bookshelf, placing the books so they can see them all so
much more simply than before. The
different sizes of the shelves mean books can be stored more appropriately than
on other bookcases. Little books are no
longer lost amongst the bigger books; they can be sat happily on their own
shelf. Such a beautiful design really
does encourage children to take more of an interest in their books again, we picked the blue version, but depending on your home decoration scheme they have natural, pink and white too.

With a purchase like this its reassuring having a 5 year guarantee, but the item is so strong and of a superior quality I am sure I will not need to take them up on it.

You really would be surprised how many books we have comfortably squeezed onto the bookcase, as storage options go I highly recommend it. The box itself states up to 85 books can be accommodated on there. Youngest was impressed with the scale of it!

you would like to win a Tidy Books Lowercase Bookcase (worth £125.00) yourself please complete the
rafflecopter below by the 28th of November.

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287 thoughts on “Tidy Books Bookcase Review and Competition

  1. Fab giveaway! Tidy books are perfect to fit in smaller rooms, colourful and hopefully encourage the children to read as they can see the cover of the books.

  2. love tidy books – not just their bookcases but also their shelving and even their little carry case for books. Makes it much easier to find the books when they're face on. Good quality too

  3. I love that their products are not only beautifully made but are practical and can be educational also. Would buy the whole range if I could!

  4. I love everything about them the colour, style and the fact it helps the kids to easily put there books away in one easy place, perfect for any boy or girl 🙂

  5. my two have so many book this would be so useful! what I like most about it is that you can see the front of the books which makes it easier for the children to find the book they are looking for unlike our 2 traditional bookcases!

  6. I love that you can see the book covers rather than just the spines and so you can easily fit all sizes of books on it.

  7. They look fantastic. They're attractive to children and anything that gets children gravitating towards books is great.

  8. they look lovely and are easy for the kids to get the books out. We have a bunk bed caddy thing and it is fab

  9. I love the fact that the children can see the books. They're currently on a shelf so can't really see them properly to choose.

  10. I just love that they actually make books look tidy! Really love these – especially the alphabet ones to help with learning too x

  11. I really love these bookcases, I wish they'd been around when my son was young because I had loads of books for him and no nice way of storing them!

  12. They are such a great idea for storing books in a way where you can actually see what they are – with paperback books it can be hard if you can only see their spines.

  13. What better way to show off books. One of these would hopefully improve my childrens ability to tidy them away after they've emptied the entire bookshelf to read 🙂

  14. I think its a brilliant idea for displaying books without taking up floor space, but allowing easy access to the books too 🙂

  15. I love that they remind me of the shelves in the children's section of the local library and make it easy to see and choose the books.

  16. This would be perfect in daughter room. We love reading book and she as a tone all in basket that is hard for her to see everything.

  17. Love the fact that children can take the books they want easily and hopefully put them back without asking adult !

  18. Not only are they practical in the way that they save on space and help little ones get hold of their books easily, but they also LOOK absolutely adorable and would look positively perfect in my six year old boys bedroom! He has so many wonderful books, so I can guarantee it would be well-used :o) x

  19. great way to keep books looking nice and so little ones can see the covers and pick one out they want to read or look at

  20. Oh, I love these bookcases. We have so many books just strewn all over the place, would love one for the wee ones room.

  21. I love that they make having books fun for children. Anything that encourages children to start to love books and reading is a good thing!

  22. I love that it's all about books! I really believe books are the key to a child's development and success in life!! Thanks!

  23. I love the traditional style of the bookcase, it reminds me of the library in our school when I was a kid. I also think its a nice, bright and eyecatching thing to have in a playroom.

  24. I love that the books can be stored neatly and that they look like mini Library's, great for budding readers and it encourages kids to look after their books as well xoxox

  25. The book covers can be easily seen. They can keep their current favourites here, without having to find them on the shelf.

  26. Tidy Books has a great range. I love the handy bookbox with the playclock on the side. Books are such an asset for the inquiring mind, and it is always worthwhile having them neatly stored. Then they can be quickly and easily be accessed as and when required.

  27. I love the design, and how nice it is to be able to see the covers of the books, I think it makes it easier for a child to choose which book they would like.

  28. It looks fab and is a great space saving idea! maybe I can finally get my boys to tidy away their books instead of leaving them in a huge pile on the playroom floor!

  29. One thing I lack in my household is organisation and so this month, we have been trying to organise the whole house and our new project is to organise my sons bedroom and make him a sensory room / play room for his main xmas present (xmas eve will be mad in this house completing that as well as the usual xmas duties, even more difficult will be keeping him out!lol). I lvoe the organisation which is offered by the companies product

  30. What's good about this bookcase is that all the covers are visible, unlike a grown-ups traditional bookcase. Looks great!

  31. I love the way you can see all the books, my 16 month old gets very frustrated when she can't see what she wants and her "thin" books get ignored because she can only see the chunky ones.

  32. Currently there are books everywhere in our playroom, it's like an ice rink when R goes running through it! Would love to get them organised

  33. My first thoughts were how many places it can be slotted into, everyone needs that extra spot of space. Also if you have a strong arm it can be moved about depending where the girls decide to play and read.

  34. I love that it helps to learn the little ones to be organised and that they get to see their books displayed so its easy to pick out a book to read. I love that it helps to keep their room nice and tidy too x

  35. just would love my boys to be able to see all their books it would make them pick up books of their own accord!! And it looks so lovely lo!!

  36. I'm absolutely fed up of finding books wedged under the sofa, or behind the radiator, or in the garden, which invariably leads to them getting ruined. I'd love something eye-catching and well designed which allows the kids to see their books, but that keeps them tidy.

  37. I like the safety aspect of screwing it to the wall as this is always something I'm concerned about with my little boy

  38. It's a lovely colourful bookcase and it's good that they can see what books they've got, so they don't forget about them.

  39. It holds loads of books in such a tidy and compact way. It has various sections to keep different types of books. Very appealing, educational and colourful too.

  40. It not only looks nice, it keeps the kids books tidy and causes them less damage but best of all its educational without them really knowing

  41. Really well made producrts that look great in children's bedrooms or playroom (if you're lucky enough to have one!!)

  42. I think any company that can get kids excited about reading , make well made products in a range of colours needs the thumbs up 🙂

  43. It is so good to read and share books with children and this bookcase will make sure they have a good and safe home!

  44. ive admired this bookcase for a while 🙂 it would look fantastic in my girls bedroom. i love the size of it…..my girls own a lot of books so this would be perfect

  45. Books are everywhere in our house – Having somewhere to keep them all together where the children can reach for them themselves means that Tidybooks is perfect!

  46. looks amazing, better than a standard boring plain one, this would fit in lovely in my sons room for his hugeeee stash of books xx

  47. This would be for my Grandson as I believe books are such an important part of a childs life. This would be such an encouragement for him as he always looks at my bookcase when he visits & says Grandma has lots of books – so it would be good to visit him & say he has lots of books!

  48. we live in a very small village with only a community centre that is in desperate need of help with things like this for the youngsters, it would be of great appreciation if this could go to a loving community who would enjoy this , thankyou for the chance

  49. I love the height of the bookcase which makes it very accessible for little ones. It also looks sturdy and well made so will stand up to lots of rough and tumble.

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