Time for my brother to step up

brother is desperate to join the property ladder, bless him. He is starting to settle down with a lovely
girlfriend and want more stability and a better future for them both. Buying a house round here is tricky though as
there are so few for sale, when one becomes available it goes fairly quickly
and usually very close to the asking price. 
He had considered buying our house when we had grand plans to move to a
bigger one, but we decided to make that a long-term plan and channel our
finances to clearing debt and getting straight. In five years we might be able to live that particular dream…

option is a property in another city; it’s harder to manage it then of course
but it is definitely an option if you cannot find something suitable on your
doorstep. Ideally it helps if you have
family or friends in that locality to keep an eye on it or you could employ an
agency to sort that side of things out for you, but then it would eat into how
much you could earn. I guess with the
government news of the help
to buy scheme more people than ever are on the hunt for their first home.

he does widen his net I have seen a few lovely properties with estate agents St Albans
it might be the
incentive he needs, if he makes the move he will have a choice of employment
opportunities too or he could stay local and rent it out until the time comes
he might want it for something else. 
Although saying that buying closer to transport links and cities does
seem more pricey I am not sure he could make that leap just yet. Perhaps I should not have looked as I saw a
property I quite like the look of now, time for a spot more daydreaming!

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