Tinyme Voucher Giveaway

have a lovely wall sticker on its way and I know youngest will be absolutely
thrilled when he sets eyes on it! He is
crazy about lions; he has heaps of soft toys of them so when he has a wall
sticker for his bedroom to compliment his mini army of lions he will be one
happy chap indeed!

But I thought it would also
be nice to share my good luck reviewing this item by offering my fabulous
followers a competition from Tinyme too.

There are plenty of personalised items including some
impressive bags, its handy if you spell your child’s name a little more
unusually and struggle to find items with that particular spelling! With Tinyme they do not have to feel left
out, because you can spell any name however you like and match it with some delightful
designs (cheeky monkeys, robots and vehicles to name but a few).

I love the look of the Christmas Wall sticker, does that mean I can get out of
putting up the tree this year and just enjoy looking at that instead! I always get myself in a right muddle trying
to wrap round the lights, hubbie joins in for the easier part of just hanging

offer I have a Β£30 voucher code so you can pick an item of your choice,
although the lion wall stickers come highly recommended! Just complete the rafflecopter below by the 3rd
of December and you could have a fabulous extra present to stash away for
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. How cute are these! I would love a height chart – ours is currently etched into the wallpaper – if we ever decorate we'll lose that information forever! πŸ™

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