Top five money-saving mobile apps

If you’re trying to boost your bank-balance (or save like us for a bigger house!), why not download a selection of money-saving smartphone apps? They’re easy to use and could save you a fortune in the long-run, so let’s check out five of the best.

Groupon – Android/Blackberry/iOS

Have you used Groupon online? If so, you can now use this wonderful service on your mobile phone. Simply search for great deals in your area and keep track of all the Groupon vouchers you purchase – with just a few clicks of a button. There are a great range of activities available at discounted prices, so keep an eye out for the latest offers.

Google Shopper – Android/ iOS

As food prices continue to rise, it’s a good idea to use Google Shopper. This app is completely free and will give you detailed information about a wide range of products. It also alerts you to nearby offers, shows you a deal of the day and lets you search for products via voice input – making shopping both easier and cheaper.

Price Checker and Alert by Amazon – Blackberry

Whether you’re looking to buy boiler cover at an affordable price, or want to buy the new Kindle, the Price Checker and Alert app by Amazon can help. It allows you to choose the product/s you wish to purchase and will automatically alert you when there’s a price reduction – helping you to save cash.

Account Tracker – iPhone

Do you know how much money you have at any given time? If not, download Account Tracker and take control of your finances. This wonderful app allows you to keep track of all your bank accounts, credit cards and outgoings and will help you stick to your monthly budget. It’s priced at £1.99, but it could make a big difference to your life if you use it sensibly.

Meter Readings – iPhone

Fed up of high utility costs and final notice bills? Then try the Meter Readings app for iPhone. It allows you to enter in your meter readings correctly and will ensure you never splash out for a poorly estimated bill ever again. While we’re on the subject of energy, embrace ‘green living’ wherever possible and try to improve the energy-efficiency of you home by arranging a boiler service with a reputable company and saving water.

There are many apps available to download these days, so see what you can find and start penny-pinching.

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