Uncovering treasures

am always thinking of the next money making scheme to clear debt, the next
being to hunt around the house in search of antiques, unfortunately we seem
rather rich in toys and poor in valuables! 

daytime TV now the boys are in school during the day with the likes of Antiques
Roadshow brainwashing me and making me consider do we have anything of worth
hidden away, tucked out of sight, dusty and begging to be found!

can actually apply to attend one of their valuation dates on their website,
but not everyone fancies declaring their riches to the world (or everyone
tuning into that channel anyway) and frankly I do not have TV hair, it always
looks a little distressed more so than the antiques so I could not face seeing
myself on screen!

we emptied the loft and it came up bare, not one token bit of treasure to sell…
I think I might have to investigate my mum’s house next! I have a plan to value my stuff through that website
instead, as it would be easier doing it from home rather than carting some
treasured heirloom and knowing my luck breaking it in the process on the way to
the Antiques Roadshow! Then being told
it was highly valuable and should be only handled with gloves but seeing as it’s
broken its now worth pennies!!!

Much quicker
just to take a picture and get it valued online, just look of the hoards of people wanting to get them valued at the roadshow…

now I know where to get them valued I just need to search some out, I know some
people do well out of car boot sales buys so I might spend my weekends with a
watchful eye on the ones hosted in the area. 
My master plan for selling
antiques might come off after all, if not least it will be fun learning a
new skill…

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