3DS Games for Christmas

We were sent three 3DS games to try out and of
course I had two very willing volunteers at home, my boys aged 4 and 6 are big
gamers and always keen to see what new games are available on the market. We were sent Turbo Super Stunt Squad,
Regular Show Mordecai & Rigby in 8 Bit Land and LEGO Chima.

LEGO Chima is great value on Amazon at the moment for only £15.00 and I can highly recommend it as I have seen how much my two enjoy it. My boys love the LEGO Chima concept with a brave lion Laval and his allies protecting the CHI, which gives characters a super boost making them more powerful but is very dangerous in the wrong hands!

The boys had played this game at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre and it took all of our efforts to shift them away from it, they were hooked! Naturally they are just as absorbed in the game now and its no surprise why the graphics are really good and the gameplay addictive (but in a healthy way of course!). I always find the LEGO games to be strong contenders and LEGO Chima is no exception. Children just love LEGO and want to play with it in whatever format they can!

You take control of Laval
the lion in this beautiful platform game. 
There are many fights for you to overcome, not to mention tricky
bosses to conquer and mind boggling obstacles to figure out. In your favour is the ability to collect
chi orbs which when full allow you to unleash the chi, giving you better
abilities to fight with. Game controls
are simple and easy for younger players to pick up, pitched as pegi 7 it fits
well with that age group (and younger) and the game play keeps them wanting more.

Youngest is brave daring to take a picture with the leader of the croc tribe, but seeing as he is now a pro on LEGO Chima I think he is feeling ready to take him down, after all he had CHI for breakfast!

My boys seemed to like Turbo Super Stunt Squad, it is a fast paced racing game based on the DreamWorks film released earlier this year. I was not particularly taken with the graphics but they did not seem to find any fault with it and were enthralled from the beginning especially as they could do relatively easy jump tricks to gain bonus items to help win the races giving them a sense of achievement. They enjoyed the challenge of the courses, some more difficult than others, a couple are tricky as with no sides you keep falling off! But they did get more skilled with practice.

The game is pegi 3 which was great as
youngest was keen to give it a go and he even managed to place, however do not think that makes it easy as hubbie struggled to get first place many times (and he is an experienced gamer!). There are three different race modes you can choose from Quick play, Time trial
and Tournament the boys favoured the latter as they got to race a series of
different tracks and gain an accumulative score.

The Regular
Show Mordecai & Rigby in 8-Bit Land was viewed with complete awe as eldest loves the show and was jumping
with joy to try the game. The controls and game play took hubbie back to his
childhood with the sort of platform games he used to have on his mega drive. The
graphics are not superb but they did not need to be as the boys (including hubbie)
seemed to get into the platform fun. You have to collect money, VHS tapes and
various power ups during a level, swapping between the two characters and tackling epic bosses, mutant jellyfish, birds and snails (yes a little random!).

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