Adding a touch of decoration

I have never been one for lots of accessories I think its
down to the boys being of the age they like to mess with them, ornaments are
dropped or bits fall off them. We have
a snowman decoration out at the moment minus his two wooden arms that snapped
off when youngest enthusiastically inspected him! I guess I should invest in some super glue and return him to his splendour…

I have had enough I would like some token candles and throws for the sofa. Throws that stay put rather than be swiped
and used for den building! I go to some
people’s houses and they look beautiful, framed pictures, delicate ornaments
and sweet smelling candles dotted around everywhere. Ours
has been stripped right back. At best a
LEGO man or toy car might make it up on the windowsill but that’s as ornamental
as we get right now.

had a look at Frette I would
love our house to be a little more like my friends. I will never be the queen of housework wearing fetching marigolds
darting around a show home but I could at least distract visitors eyes away
from the dust towards an attractive candle. 
Surely now the boys are both at full time school they will leave my
displays as they are and not destroy them!

time I lit a candle (which I had quite far back on the sideboard) with warnings
to the boys to be careful, I later found them trying to toast a toy on it…
since then I have be reluctant to light them. 
But perhaps a big expensive candle will let off enough aromatic scents without
even having to be lit.

At the very least it would look impressive on the side. I will just have to keep an eye on the boys and hope they behave! This Warm Andalusia Throw will also have strict instructions not to be used in play! I do not want it stretched over a make shift den when I can enjoy its luxurious feel for myself.

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