Amazon Saving Christmas

kindly sent us a package of toys to review to draw our attention to the merits
of Amazon Family. I must admit prior to
this I had not really paid much attention to the scheme, which comes as a
surprise really as we are HUGE fans of Amazon here.

rurally online shopping is the only way to guarantee a mixture of
different items at Christmas, I do try and shop locally when I can but if your
children have set their heart on certain items you know Amazon will come up
trumps and not leave the little cherubs disappointed.

Amazon Family programme
is perfect for parents and families it is a free membership available through
Amazon so it would be a shame not to register and make the most of its features. If you have babes in arms 20% off nappies will be a godsend, I remember being mighty pleased when we got past needing nappies but I might not have been in such a rush if I had that considerable saving each time. Each month there is also exclusive discounts suitable on family friendly items and most handily for us is that it comes with a free 3-month trial for Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime is my new most favourite thing, we have had a trial lately on hubbie’s
account and it really does save a small fortune! Having unlimited one day delivery on millions of different items
on Amazon removes all those extra charges that do add up over the year!

a parent there is always a last minute party invite for your children, but with
Amazon Prime in place it’s not such a panic anymore with the present arriving
the NEXT day (if you order before the deadline).

am also always placing little orders here and there which would fall under the
£10 spend threshold for certain items getting free delivery (and then its only
super saver delivery not fancy one-day delivery!!!). Then I feel I should top up my order just to get the delivery
included, with Amazon Prime I do not have to do this if I need something small
I can just have that! It really is a
useful feature of Amazon and for the year well worth the £49 investment for the
convenience and long-term savings. You can even make use of Amazon’s virtual kindle library, with over 350,000 books to borrow for free!

We can highly recommend the Great Gizmos Potato Clock but for £9.82 you will be wishing you had Prime in place for the free delivery. So make sure you take out a trial if you have not already, although you will find it hard to live without once the trial ends!

The boys love their usual clock and it was a great introduction to science.

Thank you Amazon for encouraging us to see what else you offer families.

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