Aspirations for a robotic helper

boys love of LEGO is no secret, they enjoy their regular LEGO Family Blogger
deliveries. I have just noticed you can
also buy LEGO
books, these look a little old for my two at the moment but at the rate
eldest is going I would not put it past him to ask for something more
challenging by the time he hits his teens.

He does say he wants to be a scientist when he grows up
but I think he might be an engineer. 
His skill at building is already very impressive, so in a couple of
years he might move onto tougher models or robots. This book is for children as young as 10 so he does not have long
to wait.

My brother was always tinkering with things; pulling them
apart and then hoping he could put them back together (before my mum
noticed!). So its quite possible he
will take after his Uncle and then of course his Daddy loves computers so
combining both together he might well start on more complex projects.

he learnt the basics of programming he could have his robot run obstacle
courses but ideally I hope he can train it to bring me cups of tea! Surely all the years of helping him build
DUPLO when he was a toddler should benefit me at some point! Maybe he could make a few robots and they
could take care of the ironing and the cooking, freeing up more time for me to

think I might see what else Active
Robots has to offer; the idea is growing on me quite nicely! Although I did like watching Robot Wars on
television such a shame that is no longer airing, I could have entered eldest
into that. Anything to keep him busy
and doing something other than playing computer games!

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