Biking our way to Health

In the New Year as a family we want to get fitter (drop the
extra mince pie pounds I mentioned!) and one perfect way is a spot of bike

At the moment eldest has handed down his bike to youngest so
he is minus a bike and a helmet at the moment poor love. I keep promising to get him a new one (if
you know of any companies needing reviews I am more than happy to help haha!) but
then we always have something else to outlay for…

I am keeping an eye out to see if any bike companies are having
sales. So January might be a good time
to get him a new one. Although I did
notice AW Cycles have a competition at
the moment to win a gift voucher that would help a little bit in my quest. I think I will enter as I am having a bit of
luck today I have won a rather fabulous toy in a blogging competition so
feeling happy with myself. Usually I
host competitions so its quite novel being a winner for a change.

The £25 gift voucher in the competition would easily buy a kids bike helmet
so that would be one of my problems sorted out.

As for the bike I am keeping an eye on the for sale sites as a
last result, most people will be upgrading this Christmas so they might be a
bargain to be had there. If not we will
find the funds one way or another in January, as I cannot leave the little
lovely any longer. He will have
forgotten how to ride without his stabilisers if I do…

Hubbie has at least one bike in the shed, it needs a
good wipe down its been in there awhile!!! 
I am quite happy to jog along next to the boys rather than head into
shed to try and uncover it! Lots of
spider webs in there that I do not have the courage to face!

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