Britain’s Best Blanket Fort Competition Entry

My two love making dens, they bring out the soft toys in
earnest, the blankets and quilts and then beg for some snacks to eat when they
are nestled safely inside. Sometimes
sibling rivalry is even set aside to be replaced with cuddles and kindness much
to my delight.

So if your children have
yet to enter the competition over at The Furniture Market now is the time. 
Each fortnight they have been picking a winner with the most creative fort
and rewarding them with a £100 Love2Shop voucher but even if you don’t win you
can enjoy seeing them unleash their creativity building something!

brother and I spent a big chunk of our childhood making dens, its funny how
some things never change. Now my boys
are getting stuck in doing the very same. 
It’s amazing how much entertainment can be had with something as simple
as a blanket and a little imagination.

Eldest waved a magic wand on the blankets and chairs hoping they would march into order for him and make a den appear! But instead it made youngest grow lots of red curly hair!

He then realized he needed hard work to get his creative vision instead! So set to work…

All that den building is exhausting work, so healthy fruit snacks were required on a makeshift table.

This week when its cold outside get them building an indoor fort! You might get some peace, you might win £100 vouchers either way it passes the time quite nicely. All the information for the Britain’s Best Blanket Fort Competition is on their website, I would love to see what you all come up with!

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