Championing Local Business

I was kindly offered a voucher to spend at a local
business of my choice to draw attention to the importance of supporting
independent business in your area. 
Thank you to Barclaycard
for this opportunity as I think it is a very worthwhile campaign.

you spend money locally the money often stays local, which is vital for the
continual development and upkeep of the area you live in. Supporting the local economy also improves
employment opportunities available during the peak seasons like Christmas. As a seasonal town with mainly summer trade
Christmas is a key period to try and enhance profits (over an otherwise long

decided to spend my voucher at the local butchers. As I am comforted knowing where my cuts of
meat have come from and when cooked they always have an exceptional taste,
which rivals anything I have bought from the big chain supermarkets. We especially enjoy the homemade sausages,
which are always so plump and thick and appetizing and the steak that is a
welcome treat when hubbie let’s me splash out.

decided to use my voucher to help my mum with the Christmas dinner. She kindly feeds us all every Christmas and
I thought it would be useful if we could contribute in our own way this
year. So at least when I happily tuck
into the turkey I know I helped pay for it!

local butcher is my favourite independent retailer because they are always a
friendly face when you are out shopping. 
They make an extra effort with their customers and are always polite and
engaging. The meat is always presented
well, the shop is very clean and they are award winners to boot! 
So really I am lucky to have such a fabulous butchers on my doorstep.

if you can this Christmas try and support your local shops, you will be glad
you did.

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