Christmas Pancakes

was sent a sweet little gift of a pack of pancakes and two bottles of Clarks
Maple Syrup in Original and Vanilla varieties. 
The idea being we could have them as a tasty Christmas breakfast, as it
happened I gave it to the boys on Christmas Eve! At that point they were so bubbling with excitement for the
events of the following day, I needed to fill the day with nice fun things to
keep us going till daddy came home from work!

It did the trick they thought it was a wonderful breakfast
and a good start to the day. They both
enjoyed the maple syrup, not seeming to have a favourite over the two varieties
they tested. Youngest was happy to lick it straight off the plate minus the pancake, he has a sweet tooth that boy!!!

I found them a little sweet for me. I think it was
too early in the morning to start on the sugary things, whereas the boys never find time a deterrent
to chomping on anything! Having said
that since Christmas Eve I have read on their website the number of recipes
that can incorporate Clarks Maple Syrup I feel I would happily use the products
again just to try something a little different. Although I am not sure I would feel adventurous enough to use it with
Salmon, glazed carrots though I could definitely get a taste for.

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