Despicable Me 2 and Scrivens Opticians

loved watching this film at the cinema so we excited to be sent our own copy to
keep at home. Despicable
Me 2 was released on DVD and Blu-ray on 25th November, so you can all enjoy their
antics now thankfully! The minions are
just so adorable and funny! Youngest
has asked for a fart gun for Christmas, I just hope its sound and not smell…

wish we had our own set of minions here to help with the hovering and dusting
and join us on crazy adventures. 
Knowing how appealing the film is for children Scrivens
Opticians have cleverly incorporated the
minions into their latest campaign to encourage the parents to take along their
children to have their eyesight checked! 
My boys currently go yearly to their opticians and it gives me
reassurance everything is on track.

I was impressed how thorough eye tests are for
children, checking a multitude of things not just how well they can see! It is a good way to detect problems early
that might impact them in future. I know
as a child I had to copy the class notes of whoever I was sat next too as I
could not see the board but did not want to admit it to anyone!!! Thankfully my friend eventually told my mum
and I had glasses from then on!

But if I had heard of a ‘Minion Approved’
eye test I am sure I would have been begging my mum to take me to Scrivens
straight away!!! It definitely makes a
visit to the opticians more exciting. I
recommend you make the most of the limited edition eye test and head there
straight away and your child could leave with an exclusive certificate saying
that the minions no less approved your eye test. Plus not one to leave the adults out if you have a test at the
same time you will receive a generous 50% discount.

It is quite scary to think that
figures from the Health & Social Care Information Centre show that eye
examination rates among under 15s have dropped to a 10 year low. I think if all opticians had such
interesting campaigns the figures would improve quickly!

more information, visit
and book your appointments! As an extra
enticement there is also a fabulous competition you can enter, just fill the
entry form in whilst you are there. One
family of four will win a break away to train as secret agents! It sounds like lots of fun.

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