Drumond Park Wordsearch Junior Review and Competition

always enjoy introducing my children to games to help develop their reading
ability and Drumond Park’s Wordsearch
Junior for children 4+ is perfect for that.

There are three boards that vary in degrees of difficulty. Once you have found the word or pattern
formation you claim it as yours with the coloured markers.

I saw the board I was a little worried it would be complicated to set up, but
in reality once you know what you are doing its very simple to play. You just slot a game disc into the board and
place the plastic covering over it and away you go. The markers conveniently sit into the containers on the side too!

are a total of 9 double sided boards, which equal 18 different games, so there
is plenty to do with this game. The
only thing you need to watch out for is the children hovering the markers over
the board saying “found it” loudly… then we realised they are desperately still
looking and just trying to play for time!!! Eldest especially was very crafty about this! 
But it did go to show how hooked he was with the game and keen to be the
winner each and every time.

someone already has markers on a word or pattern but the next one overlaps with
that one you have to give back the original markers to the player and replace
them with your own. The winner is the
first person who has used up all their markers or when the game has ended the
person with the most markers on the board.

won the red board, which had pictures to help you.

But youngest was quite good with the pattern board; it’s a good
game for the age rating. It was a clever
way for him to search for patterns and learn to recognise them. I think for RRP £18.99 it is one educational
game that will go down well this Christmas, then over the holidays you can give your children some extra learning whilst they are away from school.

information is available on the website but if
you would like to win your own copy then please fill out the rafflecopter below
by the 19th of December.

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98 thoughts on “Drumond Park Wordsearch Junior Review and Competition

  1. This looks great for my son. His reading skills are just starting to develop, so this would be perfect to help him along!

  2. Your kids are the same age as mine and yes – I totally agree! It really does help with their reading skills! What a fab wee game 🙂

  3. Have seen a few reviews for this, it looks fun AND educational, I love educational games – no harm in doing some learning whilst you're having fun 🙂

  4. Any game that helps children with spelling and word formation has to be good, I'm sure you can have fun and help children with vocabulary building at the same time.

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