Equipping the Forever House

Well I have announced on here that we are attempting to move and with it comes a requirement to get lots more items for the new house. It is an expensive business and just a tiny bit daunting.

There is a cooker at the moment but I am not sure if the owners plan to take that, unless anything is firmly nailed down there is no guarantee it will be left there for you when you move in! At the moment there is also a random desk and a piano, so who knows if they will remain or not. So make sure you get everything written down if you’re in the process of buying, so it’s very clear what you are getting. Do not be like me all airy-fairy and get carried away and then forget to talk practicalities.

But to return to my point it is the cooker that I am most interested in keeping. If not I will have to hunt out a replacement and when you have a list to buy as long as your arm I cannot afford to spend a fortune. Hubbie equates everything with another pot of paint he could potentially buy, so he is not in a spending mood at the moment sadly!

Homebase have a great selection of gas cookers, which is a relief really as I can be quite a fussy one when it comes to picking the items for the “forever house” as we have now named it!!! Seeing as I want the new house to be perfect in everyway I need to get my vision right from the beginning. A big family range cooker, a real Christmas tree, candles dotted around, a house smelling of mulled wine and spices. Now I just need hubbie to join me in the vision and let me borrow his credit card…

But the one I like is £839.99 so he might take some convincing having said that it is gorgeous and perhaps if I start coming over all homely and cooking more for him he might relent. Seeing as my speciality of beans on toast requires little culinary flair he might have doubts at the moment! He will tell me he can buy a million pots of paint for that!!! But most dream family homes have a range cooker so I will put my foot down and not budge till I get my own way. Least I have not asked him for this one (£1584.99) although I do prefer it, I am trying to budget!

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