Finally sitting down

are taking a leap in the New Year and going a little larger. We have been desperate to own a house with
more than one bathroom for ages and the time has come that we very may well be
living the dream soon!

I say dream but buying
another house is actually very stressful and expensive. But if it means my boys stop arguing over
who gets first use of the toilet then it will be money well spent!!! The bigger house comes with more space,
which is fabulous in itself, but the problem with that is you need more
furniture and accessories to dress it.

Our current sparse
offering would not make a dent in the property, so I have been putting on my
thinking cap as to where I can purchase more. 
I have a vision of lots of natural oak everywhere including a massive
dining table, so we can sit down and eat together with room for more friends
and family too. At the moment dinner on
playdates usually involves the children claiming the table and hubbie and I sat
on the worktop! Which is far from ideal
really, at our age surely we deserve the comfort of a chair…

one from is just the thing. Although I will have to be strict with myself and not let it turn
into the crafting table like the one we currently own. With a table this beautiful I think I would
be very reluctant for the boys to keep going heavy on the glitter, sequins,
paint and glue during art sessions! I
will make sure I get a proper cover to protect the table and keep it looking
lovely for when we want to play at being grownups! I actually own a set of wine glasses now so maybe there is hope I
can do some socialising too then.

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