Forever-home practicalities

forever home we are attempting to buy is considerably bigger than the house we
currently have, with multiple bathrooms I do worry there might not be enough
hot water to go around. We struggle
here just having the shower running whilst the washing machine is on, so I
dread to think what is will be like if all of us decide to run water in one
shape or another at the same time! The
system might scream out for a break or just decide to give up…

it can be tricky doing this there has to be a solution, I have friends with a
B&B who account these kinds of problems. 
You cannot explain to your guests sorry but your showering allocation
time has passed… you need to make sure there is plenty of hot water for

I am in the shower I hate it when the lovely flow of hot water comes to a
standstill or service is not quite what it should be. The shower is the only thing that gets me moving in the morning,
second to a cup of strong hot tea of course! 
The last thing I want is for my shower to be intermittent or cold
(heaven forbid!). I know you can buy
lots of technical equipment to help sort out these challenges, so I am going to
get hubbie to investigate a Grundfos shower
pump so I can hopefully always shower with the right pressure. The piece of kit looks a bit complicated but if it works then that’s the least of my concerns.

said all this I think we might be on a water meter in which case I might have
to be very careful about the amount of water we use! In which case despite having more bathrooms I will be ruining the
relaxing showers by putting my head round the corner and pointing at my watch
if hubbie is in there too long! According to the environment agency we use almost 50% more water than we did 25 years ago, eeek at this rate I could be in for a big bill!

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