Heat Holders Christmas Giveaway

On the thirteenth day of my
giveaways I have a fabulous prize contribution from Heat Holders. Okay I admit the competitions were meant to
finish yesterday but I have tacked on an extra three days, as I am kind like
that and I know you guys appreciate it.

I really feel the cold this time
of year unless I wrap myself up cosy! 
My feet especially can feel miserable from now until spring. But thankfully I always have my Heat Holders
socks to bring out and restore warmth back into my poor toes! Fortunately the Heat Holders range keeps
extending so you can get warm all over.

The following prize bundle will
help you survive winter with 2 pairs of heat holders originals (rrp 10 pounds each) and a
set of hat and gloves (rrp £15 each).

I find once my feet are snug I am less
likely to turn up the heating so that saves money! My least
favourite thing is cold feet (unless it’s the TV show of old I liked that!) and
thermal socks are the only way to get some feeling back into them!!! I think an investment of a couple of pairs
is very sensible as you will cut back on heating and feel a lot more
comfortable when your out and about this winter.

think Heat Holders make a wonderful gift for anyone my age up, I have started
to value comfort and prefer practical presents I know I will really benefit
from using. Although I do not think my
boys would share the same relish if they found a children’s set in their
stockings! I know they would like to be
toasty but they want that stuffed with sweets and toys. So I might just buy them some new socks
so I know when they are out in the school playground they will be as warm as I
am at home.

If you would like to win the prize bundle kindly fill out the rafflecopter below by the 20th of December.

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145 thoughts on “Heat Holders Christmas Giveaway

  1. Layers – lots of layers. I also wear fluffy socks in bed as I have bad circulation so my feet are always freezing in the winter 😀

  2. We leave the curtains wide open during the day to let as much warm light through as possible and don't put furniture in front of radiators to let them actually radiate.

  3. Cuddle the cat. They are like little furry hot waterbottles. Also. when they are having a cuddle they are not destroying the Christmas tree

  4. Like you I'm a strong believer in keeping my feet covered. I heat my house constantly but at a much lower tempreture than you need when you use it on and off. It means the walls stay warm. I keep most of the blinds shut and the upstairs doors open to allow the warmer air to circulate and have the appliances on when people are home as they also generate heat. If I'm outside, a hat is a must as is a good pair of gloves and scarf to keep the heat in.

  5. Hot water bottle,flanellette pyjamas and bed socks,doesn't really create the best look ,but you stay warm and cosy.

  6. By having lots of fun (laughing always makes me warm) and all 3 of us (me hubby and 5yr old) snuggling up on settee watching a family film

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