HEXBUG Nano V2 Orbit Review and Giveaway

the 3rd day of Christmas the Missing Sleep blog brought to you a lovely
offering from HEXBUG.

love how the HEXBUG brand is constantly developing; my son has a massive track
stored under his bed that is regularly dragged out for play! We have a few of the more interesting
figures too like the HEXBUG Scarab and the Larva. It does help maintain an enthusiasm for their innovative range
of toys. They keep having new and
exciting features, which really help make them stand out as a fabulous toy for

My boys were pleased with the latest addition to join
their HEXBUG colony! The new breed of
Nano can climb now, I thought it was exhilarating when we had a zip wire they
could go down, but these little critters are actually gravity defying creatures
no less! Yet again HEXBUG triumph with
this addition to the children’s toy market! 
My two boys are 4 and 6 and these products could not be more suited to
their inquisitive minds, they love seeing what each HEXBUG will get up to and
spend ages adjusting their tracks and making new challenges for their “pets”
(which are a lot easier to clean and only require new batteries and not an
expensive trip to the vets!).

has the Nano V2 Hurricane set on his Christmas list so this little extra will
fit in quite nicely with that. Or it
could even be used on its own as its a fascinating stocking filler, which
should keep the kids out of mischief whilst you come round Christmas
morning! So check out the website www.hexbug.com
so you can laze around a little longer whilst they remain

Nano V2 is quite an acrobatic HEXBUG, which can crawl on its back and even flip
to its feet when standing on its back on a flat surface! I feel tired just watching him go about his
business; he really is a busy explorer!!!

you would like to win the HEXBUG Nano V2 Orbit (RRP £12.99) then simply
complete the rafflecopter below by the 17th of December.

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  1. What's that coming onto the blog? Is it an hexbug? Oh and my kids favourite is the Nano V2 Helix 180 (to be exact).

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