Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Trackset Giveaway

two were overjoyed when they reviewed this track back in October, so I am
pleased that on the first day of my Christmas competitions I can offer such a
fabulous prize! It is nice to get
things off on a roll and this track is that and more (a roll, a bend, a
twist!). This set makes an ideal
Christmas gift so it just had to be included!

have a feeling Hot Wheels in one shape or another has made an appearance on
lots of lists at Christmas. My boys had
made a note on their letter to Santa but as they had this to review they
amended it, as they were happy with their Hot Wheels fix with this extra
special getup! It does offer plenty of
thrills and spills; you would be surprised just how fast cars go round the

It has come down in price
now, which is handy as everyone is doing the last minute splurge on
presents! So every pound saving helps
with all the extra’s – like the sheer amount of wrapping paper and selotape we
then get through and leaving some money behind for my mince pie habit!!!

If your want to read up
more about the prize you can refresh your memory with our previous review
of the Triple Track Twitter
, it will have you longing to win this prize I
am sure. You might just have to tidy
away some toys to make room for it as the track is quite sizeable. But just think how much fun your children
can have come Christmas, especially as it was not too complicated to build
(always a bonus!).

am going to open this competition up a little and let people either comment
here or on my facebook page (by the 16th of December) as I know some
people struggle with accessing rafflecopter when using mobiles. I cannot promise to do so again during the
course of these competitions as my prize contributors tend to like social media
pages followed, which I can understand completely! But I thought it would be nice to spoil you this one time.

264 thoughts on “Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Trackset Giveaway

  1. Thank-you – as usual you are being as fair as you can. Brilliant prize – my wee grandson would be so very happy if he was the winner- good luck every-one

  2. This is at the top of my nephew's Christmas list!!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    tcrowley122 at hotmail dot com

  3. my mates 4 year old grandson ios mad about hotwheels and cars and he has been asking for one of these for months now it would be rreally lovely to be able to give him this

  4. I can see the smiles on my 2 Grandson's faces if they ever got one of these! They are both in love with anything cars!!

  5. This would go really well with the Hot Wheel cars I have bought my son for xmas, he loves playing with his cars and garage!

  6. Wow, would make my boys Christmas, or their birthdays, yep, both of my boys have their birthdays in the week before Christmas. I must of been mad! lol. xx

  7. My son, don't you wish we had toys as good as this. My dad used to make us a track!!! Which usually colapsed!!!!!!!!!

  8. This looks AWESOME Fantastic for having fun with on Crimbo day. Myself and the Hubby woud love this as much as the kids heehee

  9. This is on R's Xmas wish list. I dread to think how many times I'd fall over this after he'd gone to bed though 😉

  10. Oh wow! Growing up I was a bit of a tomboy and loved things like this, I didn't like that my brother got all the "cool" stuff and I was left with dolls 🙂 Would love to win this for me *ahem* my little boy I mean of course! 😉

  11. think all of my boys would play with that, seb (18mths) a little too young but loves playing with cars either way!

  12. my nephews would go crazy over this is they had tis added to their collection 🙂 thanks for the chance to win

  13. My nephews jaw would drop to the floor if he got this HOT WHEELS SET for Christmas! I don't think he has anything like it yet!

  14. It is so refreshing not to do Rafflecopter!!! You have two very lucky sons !! I think my son would love to be in the position of reviewing hot wheels!! anyway- i would love this to give to my son !! Happy Christmas

  15. My son would love this – I bought him a hot wheels track last year for christmas and he loved it!! This one looks more fun than his now rather old (used!!) one x

  16. This is amazing, my son always nags about hot wheels and wants it in the store, id love to win this, to stop the nagging and enjoy some quality time playing with him.

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