imaginabox Review

My dear friend over at DaisychainBaby
was gifted with two of these fabulous imaginabox
craft sets to review so she kindly sent them on to her godson’s who were
very grateful for an excuse to get crafting!

were sent It’s Christmas and Fairy Tales. Each month there is a different theme with
lots of activities you can spend quality time together doing.

These craft boxes were beautifully presented, so would
make ideal presents for children.

love the dotty paper and how everything looks so inviting when you actually
stop admiring the outside and open the box.

There is plenty here to encourage even the most lack lustre of children,
they will not be able to resist getting involved (even if it means a break away
from whatever computer game they love so much!).

was impressed with the instruction booklet; I was not expecting something so
comprehensive and detailed. There were
plenty of pictures so your child can figure out what they need to do and extra
ideas for additional activities at the end. 
imaginabox seem very focused on the development potential of each box,
so children can explore different materials, develop construction skills and
increase their understanding of the world around them amongst a multitude of
other skills they will improve with each box. 
This pleases this mummy and daddy no end!

Given the design and thought in developing each box and
the sheer number of included craft supplies (a scissor, glue, felt, sequins,
templates etc) I was expecting it to be an expensive purchase. I was very pleasantly surprised to see they
only cost £14 (plus £2.95 postage). I
have reviewed a similar concept a couple of times before but I think that
imaginabox is leading the way with the idea. 
It just feels like a real treat the way it is presented and I think it
would help children embrace their creative side.

Eldest was especially proud of his new decoration for
our tree and it’s a lovely addition to Christmas.

The sets are for children 4-8 years old and I would happily
recommend them. They are great rainy
day time fillers; with all the cutting, gluing, decorating and colouring your
children will be very happy and content for ages!

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