Improving Our Safety During Car Journeys

I have been nominated as a safety and security tester for Tesco Compare to review a Garmin Nuvi 50 Sat Nav to see how it improves our driving safety.

Prior to having a Sat Nav we used to rely on maps and would generally get in quite a muddle. Hubbie would risk looking over at the map, as I would be hopeless at guiding him in the right direction myself. I would always panic then as it meant his eyes were off the road momentarily. I think its much safer with a Sat Nav with a voice commanding what to do at each step so you can keep your eyes safely on the road and concentrate on the traffic around you rather than panicking your completely lost again and wondering if you will ever get back on track…

Honestly now we have a Sat Nav I am not sure how we ever coped before it!!! Not only is it considerably safer it is also much better for our marriage! Now we are not arguing when we are off course for the umpteenth time! We must be saving a fortune in petrol too as we no longer go around in circles we tend to find ourselves reaching our destination much quicker. So a lot less stress all round really!

Features like lane assist have helped considerably too, you can get in the correct lane in ample time, hopefully meaning a lot less last minute swerves on the roads!!! Usually when we miss our turn we tend to try to do our best to head back around at the next roundabout but so many people seem to cut in dangerously last minute rather than follow our strategy! I think a Sat Nav like this might help stop that; similarly the junction view helps you get in the correct lane for upcoming junctions! So definitely a safer option when you’re out there on the roads.

The where am I emergency locator is a useful feature if you ever break down; it gives your exact co-ordinates so you can be rescued quickly and promptly! Thank you Tesco Compare for making our family journeys that bit safer and more pleasant.

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