LEGO City Christmas Competition

On the seventh day of my Christmas competitions
the prizes are still just as fabulous, LEGO have offered me a lovely bundle
for one lucky winner to include a LEGO City Starter Set (£19.99), Airport Stunt Plane
(£9.99) and Coast Guard Surfer Rescue (£4.99). This prize is just perfect for LEGO fans. My boys love their sets and are often found
just getting on with the building of them quite peacefully, eldest at 6 does
not need any help and merrily races through the build instruction pages.

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LEGO City was launched in June 2013 and its well suited to children who all love the emergency services and being seen as hero’s and rescuers. With the LEGO City sets they can get wrapped up in keeping the city running smoothly and making sure all the LEGO people are happy and safe! So of course doing all this is great for their imaginations and moulding them into mini model citizens!

So to entice you to enter I will include some pictures of the prize not that you need much encouragement EVERY child I have ever known loves LEGO (even a good deal of the adults, I have to watch out for hubbie as he likes getting involved and then hogging the build project!).

With the drama, the suspense and the action scenes developing with these sets your children will be preoccupied for hours! As a mum who does get a little on the tired side I salute the makers of LEGO even if I do occasionally trample on the odd piece its a small price to pay for happy children!

Adventures are not just restricted to the floor you can take to the sky with the airport stunt plane. I get a lot of joy seeing the confidence my sons are getting from building these sets, they always seem to have clear instructions children can follow and once built they are fun figures and vehicles to enjoy in play.

Each set comes complete with all the accessories you could possibly need for each scene, no detail is overlooked with LEGO over the different sets you have mini fire equipment, handcuffs and a safety tyre (to save people from chomping sharks!) alongside lots of other handy extra’s. Each of these sets are for children 5+, my youngest at 4 has played with them for awhile but always with supervision.

I think after all that excitement packed into this post I might need a cup of tea to settle my nerves! You can find information on all these amazing sets on the LEGO City website but do not forget to enter my rather fabulous prize draw by simply completing the rafflecopter below by the 16th of December.

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274 thoughts on “LEGO City Christmas Competition

  1. This would be perfect for when my grandson visits from Australia at Christmas…our 1st meeting would love to give him this x

  2. Afternoon, thanks for a great prize, Jacob, loves Lego, wishing you and your boys, and family a very happy festive season, and a healthy and great 2014

  3. What a lovely blog. Hope you're all ready for Christmas? It seems to cost more and more each year doesn't it – the older my boys get the more expensive each gift becomes! xx

  4. Hello again 🙂 hope you are all ready for christmas. I'm not!
    I think everyone loves lego – apart from 3 am when you stand on it in the dark.

  5. Lego has been one of the best loved construction "toys" in our family since I had my daughter 33 years ago. Their children have inherited theirs and have sets added each birthday and Christmas. This would be a lovely chance to start a new series.

  6. I love your blog name and can totally empathise! We'd love to win some Lego for Christmas as my boy can't get enough of it!

  7. Fantastic prize I used to love playing with Lego as a kid now I've got a little one he would love it to 🙂 x

  8. Thank you for the great giveaways! LEGO and chocolate always go down well with me. Keep up the work on your blog, great reads 🙂

  9. My son is Lego mad, he wants lots of Lego Star Wars things for Xmas…. so expensive but it keeps him amused for hours.

  10. Lego really is the best, most played with and durable toy. Thank you for the chance to win some more for our collection.

  11. I would love to win this for my grandson who is two years old – You can never have too much Lego – Great comp

  12. I love Lego, I still have some pieces I used to play with in the…. lets just say a sufficient number of decades ago! It's one of those ingenious toys that we never tire of.

  13. Your never to young or to old to play with Lego, Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas ans look forward to reading more of your great blogs in the New Year xx

  14. Lego…the timeless gift ! My sons are in their 30's and 40's..but still nudge the grandchildren out of their way so they can get at the lego first !

  15. Lego is an absolute favourite in my house – both my boys love it (see my avatar!) I spent last Christmas sorting bricks by colour. That was fun…

  16. My little boy is just getting into Lego and loves it. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and Santa is good to you

  17. Ive 3 kids all of them love lego fantastic prize …Ps .. the dogs also love it , the missing pieces are always found in their beds xx

  18. i dont know any child that has not had fun playing with lego i have just brought my son his first grown up set for xmas now he is 5 even i enjoy playing with it

  19. I love lego and so does my Husband and son ,the best set i have is the medieval village set you even get roast turkey in the set and dinky glasses . i love playing that with my son and making lego movies

  20. My daughter is having all the latest Lego Castle and Lego Lone Ranger sets for Christmas, so it will be nice to win some extra Lego sets to add to the mix, she is a massive Lego fan which suits me fine as gives me a good excuse to play too 🙂

  21. Lego is so popular again my grandson has expressed his wish for some for Xmas! 60 years ago I remember playing lego with my siblings. JOy of joys

  22. I LOVE LEGO. Lego is the most amazing thing in the world. I still have all my Lego from when I was a kid. If I have kids they will be raised on Lego. I will most probably definitelyl undoubtedly unashamedly keep this for myself if I were to win even though I'm in my 20s. Did I say I love Lego? <3

  23. My son and daughter and I LOVE lego. It is such a lovely fun way to spend quality time together, which is creative and constructive.

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