Long Winter Walks

getting chilly outside, time for us all to wrap up warm in big winter
coats. We do not have the luxury of
hibernating inside when it gets colder; the boys need long walks to burn off
their energy! Living where we do there
is not a huge amount to do in winter, no cinema, no soft play area, so even if
the weather is poor we have to make the best of it and head outside. I wish we had some decent indoor
entertainment options but we do on the upside live in a beautiful place.

spending any length of time outside when its bitter is no small feat, as the
boys walk ever so slowly along you soon wish for the comforts of home (hot tea
and central heating!) and to usher them along a bit quicker. As the boys go about picking sticks and
jumping in puddles I can still feel toasty if I invest in an appropriate

hunt for a decent winter coat has not been easy. We went shopping to the city and the boys were messing in the
clothes rails, hiding under them and generally making coat shopping difficult! So I gave up and took my search online
whilst they slept (much easier on my sanity!) and Jacksons of Old Arley had plenty
to offer.

I especially like the
Wolfskin jackets I think if I had
one I would not rush them home so quick from a walk and make the most of being

We could try a scavenger hunt
or a nature walk; we could look for leaves and flowers to make a display with
their glue and paints. Basically I
could keep them busy for longer then the house might not be quite so upside
down after the weekend.

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