Making the house our home

into the forever house seems a million years off when everyone in the offices
has got their party hats on, pulling crackers and indulging in the Christmas
cheer. So to get through this I am
being constructive putting together a spreadsheet with hubbie of all estimated
costs AND most importantly working on the vision! I have mentioned it before but its continually developing as a
theme. I now need a stove for the
living room! These looks so quaint and
homely, I will just have to borrow my parents dog to curl up in front of this Charnwood stove
for the authentic finishing touch. 
There is nothing like a roaring fire when it’s chilly outside.

only problem with a living room that inviting, I might actually find it hard to
remove myself away from the stove and do the cleaning or other jobs around the
house. I will just be mesmerised by the
flames and enjoying the heat!

think I might have to subscribe to a home magazine to make sure the theme
continues throughout the house so I do have a reason to leave the comfort of
the living room and explore more widely. 
With a few issues of Country Homes and Interiors I might get the
hang of interior design. Our current
living room although nice has no continuous theme. It is not classic in the slightest.

want a living room to warm my heart not just my cold feet! So the visit to the Stove Site is just step one of achieving that! I might even start searching the charity shops for vintage accessories, least it will keep my mind off the waiting! Then I can get hubbie to start thinking about the palette’s for all his painting efforts (I am going to suggest white or something more earthy). It would be amazing to have a room people step into and take a deep breath in because it amazes them! We will probably not pull that off, but it would be fun to give it our best try!

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