My WILD days

remember being very apprehensive bringing up the topic of my new tattoo to my
parents, I buttered them up first with a nice meal and then tentatively
broached the subject. Then I threw in
that I had also had my belly button pierced! 
I think it was silly being so nervous given that I was already 26. I was so excited to have it done, it was
only a delicate little butterfly and luckily not somewhere too visible, I do
not mind tattoo’s as such I just do not want everyone to see mine!

As time has passed my little butterfly is not so bright
and cheerful though, some of his vitality has gone and if anything he might
even look a little smudged! Now I am so
glad my wild days involved such a tiny tattoo because its not wearing as well
as I hoped. Hubbie has a tattoo that
was made using Japanese ink, which is considered superior quality ink, and his
older tattoo certainly looks better than mine.

am not at the point I would consider tattoo
removal yet but if my butterfly lost more and more of its features then I
would be tempted. It was so very bright when it was first done.

am glad they have these options now and you can have laser
tattoo removal especially in the cases where people are branded with a
loved ones name and then get promptly dumped by them. I am not against having hubbie’s name added to me but I do not
have the courage to return to the tattoo table, plus the guy who designed my
butterfly was a little over friendly with the rubbing in of the numbing
cream!!! I do worry that having a tattoo removed would be
painful but having done a little research it seems that at worst you only have
a slight stinging sensation after each procedure, which does not sound too bad,
even I could handle that I am sure!

am sure one day my two boys will end up wanting to discuss having a tattoo it
does seem a rite of passage. When I was
having mine done I was surprised by how many more people I noticed who had them
already. But I am glad if my boys
change their mind about their creative vision or if the tattooist makes a mistake (I
have heard about names being spelt completely wrong!) I know they can get
themselves sorted relatively inexpensively with the various treatments
available at the moment. Thankfully a
tattoo does not have to be forever anymore.

I have been reading the blog with interest, maybe whilst I am having a tattoo removed I could have a spot of body shaping at the same time! I would come out of there as a new me!

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