New Year’s Resolution Plans Underway

mince pie eating habit is out of control! 
Time to start thinking about how to shift the Christmas spread before it
decides to stay. We have not got to the
main event and yet I am already hooked on all things Christmas, mulled wine,
Christmas cake, selection boxes… not to forget all the cake I had for my birthday last week!

think its time to come up with an exercise regime! Hubbie and I keep putting it off but with January on the horizon
it’s the perfect time to focus on getting fit. 
My workout sessions at the gym were quite short lived, I could not get
my head around all the positions. With
my memory there was no chance I would remember from one week to the next how to
get myself in some strange shape on the floor… everyone else seemed quite
capable but I had to keep pestering the instructor for help!

Plus as I have mentioned before I managed to fall off the
exercise bike when it came to the workout on them, I did not have the
co-ordination to stay on the bike and do the required moves… So whatever approach I decide upon I to find
a slimmer me it must neither be too complicated nor require too much balance.

Walking we enjoy and I cannot go far wrong there so I
guess we could just walk further and further to burn off the calories. Perhaps if I started running everywhere I
could get to my goal quicker! Although
I need to wean myself off my Christmas food addiction slowly, I am not sure I
can go cold turkey already (especially as we have not got to that part yet!).

I think a little exercise and I can justify continuing
to eat my favourite foods for now until I up my game plan for January the 1st. Hopefully a new house and a new body for me,
perhaps I should point my mum in the direction of the Birmingham running shop to get my
Christmas present so I can get the running shoes and gear ready for the New

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