Primping and Plucking

night I am looking forward to going out with the girls. A Christmas meal and a chance to unwind as
we all then have our children off school for TWO long weeks! My boys have been to heaps of Christmas parties lately so its my turn!

But this group of girls are very glamorous
so I think I might have to make more of an effort. I do not think I even own a foundation anymore; my makeup
consists of one tatty lipstick and almost dried out mascara! Good thing I am not trying to convince
anyone I am a beauty blogger…

think I might need to buy a lip-gloss with a little glitter to get into the
festive spirit! Or even better I wonder
if I can get a mulled wine flavoured one whilst I am at it.

But its not just the makeup, some of my friends have the
fake tan, the stick on nails (they panic me once I had a friend apply one on me
and I screamed!!!) and big sculptured hair but only on their head of
course! God forbid if everything else
is not plucked to an inch of its life. 
I tried waxing once, never again! 
It was sooo painful; I would rather try and model the hairy look than go
there again in a hurry. Although there
is an alternative I have always been tempted to try laser hair removal.

is a laser hair removal clinic
in London, which means I could be nice and smooth and combine it with a
stay with my dear friend from DaisychainBaby
whilst I am there. She regularly
attends markets with her gorgeous baby clothes and I have seen pictures of a particularly
tasty looking cake stand I must visit!!!

would be nice not having to spend so long shaving, a longer removal option
would free up time for the other things I enjoy! Maybe one day I will brave the fake tan, but I very much doubt
it! My friends consider me the guinea
pig, I have been pinned down and had my eyes done like an “Egyptian princess”
supposedly! In all reality I looked
like I had not slept in weeks and had black eyeliner smudged all round my
face. Never let friends beautify you when
they are drunk!

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