Skylanders SWAP Force Figure Giveaway

the 4th day of my Christmas competitions the Missing Sleep blog gave away one
Lightcore Star Strike figure.

For eldest Christmas would not be complete without
Skylanders being featured in a big way! 
He is crazy about the figures, the exciting game play and is basically
chomping at the bit to get his hand on his own copy of SWAP Force!

NEEDS to see what all the new characters get up too! I am quite relieved there is a new instalment to the games series
really because it will make Christmas for him! 
Lots of the boys in his year have it on their Christmas lists apart from
the lucky few that had their birthdays already and have it! So I think the main reason he is animatedly
counting down his sleeps is to join his friends in their game play
conversations and their enactments of the new characters in the schoolyard…

might be keen to hear a little more about the character Star Strike (the prize
in my competition), she is very powerful in the magic department and has a bit
of a chip on her shoulder after being summoned by Kaos in error and finding
herself uprooted from a distant cosmos to appear in Skylands! Naturally she launches an attack on him and
Master Eon gladly invites her to join his elite squad of Skylanders. You do have to love the attention to detail
that goes into these bio’s! The
developers really put heart and soul into each figure. Eldest even loves settling down to a
Skylanders bedtime story with their extensive range of books! I have even seen some Skylanders spray soap
at The Factory Shop and must buy some of that to add as stocking fillers, I kid
you not Skylanders will be MASSIVE this Christmas here.

on to the competition if you would like to win the lovely Lightcore Star Strike
just leave a comment below by the 15th of December (if you cannot
comment here comment on my facebook page and I will pool entries).

126 thoughts on “Skylanders SWAP Force Figure Giveaway

  1. Skylanders Swap Force has been wrapped since it was realised in October. My kids love the series and have the previous two games along with around 50 figures, so I can guarantee they'd love this to add to their collection! πŸ™‚

  2. My oldest daughter has asked santa for skylanders this year, this would be lovely to go with what he may bring

  3. Often come home to a house full of my sons friends all playing his skylanders, would be great to have a new one.

  4. Our son is hoping for the Skylanders starter set for Christmas – this would be a very welcome addition to his new collection πŸ™‚

  5. My little bro absolutely loves Skylanders and has the cheek to ask me to buy him one everytime we're in town! He bookmarks all the ones he wants in the collectors guide and reads all the books they have released πŸ™‚ Lovely prize xx

  6. My son has loved skylanders from the beginning, and collected all the first series but still collecting the giants, I can't keep up

  7. My little boy is a bit young for Skylanders yet but my nephew loves them. Have to admit until reading this I knew very little about them – probably just as they're not really in the age range suitable for my own little one πŸ™‚

  8. I would love this, been a fan of Spyro for years, have all the original games and skylanders is amazing, Good luck everyone.

  9. I've haven't played Skylanders yet but i loved Spyro the Dragon on ps1 , The figures very nice would definitly encourage me to play πŸ™‚

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