Sparkle the Dog and his Adventures

My boys enjoyed taking part in the M&S Reading Campaign so they thought they would go one step further and write a little story inspired by Sparkle the Dog off the M&S Christmas advert. Their nanny has the very same type of dog but it is called Sweepy so I think that was why they were so keen to be involved!

So here we go the boys aged 4 and 6 came up with this tale (I typed what they told me to):

Sparkle found treasure when he went on the beach. He jumped into the treasure and then he fell
into dinosaur land. Luckily he had
treasure in his mouth still, some jewellery and gold!

he tried to get back but he could not get back. Then a baby t-rex came and Sparkle pushed him because he was
scared. Then the mummy t-rex came and
Sparkle flew away quickly.

a crab came (a good crab) and a good lobster they found a way for Sparkles to
go where the fish go. They go into the
sea and it is really colourful with the coral reef.

they swan to monster land. There was a
big sludgy monster and the monster was called Danger Bomb. He explodes and has baby bombs. Sparkles went invisible to get away from
him. The crab and the lobster went on
Sparkles back so they were invisible too.

flew to another world he found a land called Everywhere Dangerous. There was a naughty monkey throwing bananas,
apples and nuts and the lobster and the crab pinched the monkey to stop him. Sparkles was getting tired after this long
adventure, he yawned and wished he could go home. He asked the crab how to get home; he said turn second at the sea
by the sharks.

sharks tried to bite Sparkle and he did a web so they could breathe in the
water but could not hurt him. Then they
cut through the web with their sharp fins but Sparkle made a quick exit. He rubbed his golden coin and made a wish “I
wish to go home for everyday”. He
arrived home to the girl with the beautiful golden hair and gave her a kiss and
the jewellery as a present.


I hope you enjoyed that as much as they enjoyed coming up with it, you have to love the imagination of children!

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