Surviving in a bigger house

house we hope to have is as I have mentioned before rather on the large side,
my mum is in a panic how we will ever afford to have the lights on or heat
it! We have plenty of roof space so one
option might be to install solar panels,
although the weather could be better in Wales, we do on occasion have some
sun! Then my mum might not be quite so
concerned about our welfare…

think we will be trying everything. 
Draught excluders to try and retain the warmth in each room, plus they
always seem to make a room look cosier especially with the cute cuddly animal
ones. I love this one from Lakeland. I wonder if I can convince them to let me
review one.

will have to have loft insulation fitted hubbie says I hope he can do this
himself, as we will be on a restrictive budget. Although if I say how hard things are maybe I can rely on my mum
to help with surprise food packages. 
Parents are nice like that aren’t they! 
I will have to look pitiful and cold and maybe my mum will bring me logs
for the fire too!!!

amazing what savings you can make though once you put your mind to it. I need to do more line drying of our clothes
and stop using the tumble dryer. I keep
saying this but its so convenient just being there, but in the other house I
will have to live without the luxury to cut back and get outside hanging the

will be fitting energy saving light bulbs as soon as we get the chance; I think
we will have to buy a job lot to cater for all the rooms. But considering lighting accounts for around
10-15% of our electricity bill then it will be a worthwhile investing switching
those bulbs around!

whilst I am doing my research I will make time to visit BayWa r.e. Renewable Energy – I wonder if hubbie could count learning to
install solar panels as his study leave allocation from work!!!

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