Swizzels Matlow For Christmas

The boys stockings would not be complete without a
generous dose of sweets, seeing as youngest has told every Santa he has met (we
have been to about five or six grotto’s to date) that he wants sweets and coke
for Christmas, I guess if I did not come up trumps with some tasty sweets I
would have a sad faced boy on Christmas day! 
So to keep the magic alive this Christmas thankfully Swizzels Matlow
have come to the rescue.

I was sent three tubes of sweets, the love hearts, the
refreshers and the drumsticks. I like how the packaging is all tailored for Christmas, with snowflakes and ribbons! Just the thing to get you feeling festive. All of these are firm
favourites in this house. My boys must
have a sweet radar as despite me trying to keep the contents of the package a
secret they someone raided a drumstick each!

But for £1 a tube they are cheap enough to replace for Christmas
day! The good thing is they do fill out
the stocking up quite nicely, I just stuffed them and realised I needed fatter
things and these definitely do the trick! 
Although if you want to really impress them this Christmas it’s the
Sweet Extravaganza Gift Tube you should be buying. Being an extra long tube they will be amazed by how many
different sweets are crammed into there.

For the ladies you can swoon over the One
Direction themed packaging. Am sure
that will be another popular choice this Christmas, although eldest covers his
ears whenever he hears them come on the music channel so I think I will pass on them.

For more information head to the website.

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