The Best Christmas Gift List to Give Your Husband

What is there about kitchen gadgets and appliances that cause men to believe they are such great gifts? Could this be due to their own desire to receive tools? Unless you truly don’t need a new washing machine, toaster, or juicer this year, why not provide your husband with a list of gifts that any woman would love to receive.

It doesn’t have to be about cost; the most precious gifts come from the heart. From his to yours… so your list might include warm and cuddly winter wear… scarves, hats, gloves, shawls, and robes make wonderfully practical gifts. Include your favorite color and brand if you have a certain style in mind; otherwise leave it up to his imagination. There are limitless possibilities that will warm up even the coldest winter nights.

If you love shoes, suggest the boots that you’ve been admiring on the website that you’ve pinned. Include your size and color choice so as to leave any guess-work out of the suggestion. Fluffy slippers, socks, and stockings might also be added to the list. Who couldn’t resist silk stockings and a pair of silk panties? And why not ask for those diamond earrings that you have been admiring at Michael Hill Jewellers? After all it never hurts to ask. While you’re at it, you could mention that necklace, bracelet, or anniversary ring… anything that catches your eye and appeals to your aesthetic sensibilities.

If you tend to be the practical sort, build on a favorite hobby by suggesting gardening supplies, craft materials, cookbooks, office supplies, or a gift card to your favorite bookstore. If you’re a techie, now’s the time to ask! While gift cards have become somewhat cliché, they still make the perfect gift when geared towards a favorite store or outlet center, especially if you’re the one who loves to shop!

Candles, vases, sheets, towels, picture frames, and antiques… household items never go out of style. You and your husband share a house so why not enhance it with gifts that will add beauty and luxury to your home. Clip out photos of styles that you like, or browse together. Spend a night window shopping in your hometown, or surf the net while seated on the sofa.

The gift of time is the most precious gift of all. So consider suggesting a cruise, a weekend in the wine country (at a bed and breakfast), an evening at the opera or ballet, a concert, or a movie pass. There are so many wonderful events that can be enjoyed together…a second honeymoon that includes a tropical holiday or, simply, a romantic evening at your favorite restaurant.

Speaking of travelling… what about new luggage, a purse, wallet, handbag, or cosmetic case? This may also be the perfect time to receive a new coat, sweater, skirt, or jacket. Then suggest a few accessories that will add pizazz to your existing wardrobe.

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