The presents WILL get better

hubbie and I buy presents for each other you have to think small, tiny in fact
most of the time we do not even bother. 
It seems a little mean and I know I have some disapproving looks from a
few friends. But its down to a tight
budget and other more needed purchases, do not worry the boys never go

and I did splash out for our first year together pre-kids and it was nice of
course, but I get most of my joy from watching over people opening presents and
hoping they are a success. This year
was the year presents were finally planned; we had said we would treat each
other after five years of no fuss! But
that was until we decided to get a bigger house…

So it’s back to the drawing board for now, although the
best things come to those that wait! 
One year I will give hubbie a Christmas to remember. I have been searching around so when the
time comes he will get everything he could possibly desire! A holiday to Vegas, a gaming laptop and a
fancy watch! Well by the time we get
spending I will have ALOT of Christmases to make up for and he is worth it!

wonder if I could really surprise him one year and stretch to a Rolex
watch, I know they are pricey but I was looking at Rolex watches in
Southport which are pre-owned so considerably less then a brand new
one! Then I might, just might get there
one day. Although you always wonder
what else will take priority but surely one year we deserve some attention! But I am going to bookmark Prestige
Diamonds just in case that day ever comes…

It would be nice to
spoil my parents too, after years of being there for my boys and me I do not
think a box of liquorice allsorts really sums all of that up! I might need to start squirreling money away
so one Christmas (maybe in 10 years time) will be EPIC!

3 thoughts on “The presents WILL get better

  1. My wife and I are the same, not bothering with big gifts this year, have got my daughter a good selection of what she wanted and that's what matters. I'm starting a new job in the new year, and it is slightly less money but better hours, so we are being budget conscious in advance and can fully understand your decision too. Hopefully in a number of years it will pay off and there will be big presents all round.

  2. We don't spend lots and we tend to buy a small gift then 'bank' the present budget for later in the year when we want something a little bit too indulgent for the day to day budget.

  3. My fella and I don't buy much for each other either….We prefer to spend it on the kids and fancy food and drink….

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