The weight of the world on my shoulders

I am feeling stressed today its not the best time of year
to be trying to buy a new house, I know the solicitors and the mortgage company
will be winding down for the holiday period and I want everyone there to push
through our application! But with extra
bank holidays and the possibility of the places closing completely for a week
of festivities I am a little anxious. 
Plus any correspondence is taking lots longer as it’s fighting its way
through everyone’s Christmas cards and parcels.

buying a property you always worry someone might leap in at the last minute
offering something more attractive to the seller, leaving you at the sidelines
looking like a sour lemon! Speed is of
an essence but I do not think we will have much speed until the middle of
January, so today I shall be chain eating mince pies to cheer myself up…

New homes come fraught
with worries least of all the speed of pushing your purchase through, you have
other concerns like will you like the new area and will the children be safe
and happy there? We have driven around the neighbourhood a few times to see
what it is like at different times of day. 
I watch a lot of house programmes on TV so have an idea of the sort of
things I should be doing… even though sometimes I forget all this and go in
with my heart on a string!

have a neighbour safety team in place in some of their properties, which I
think is very reassuring. I think the
worst we have to worry about is an escapee sheep on the rampage but I can
imagine it’s comforting to know there is support if you need it. I do not think I could handle anymore stress
about the house, I dread to think how big I will balloon if I continue my mince
pie habit at this rate!!!

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