Triqo Christmas Competition

the sixth day of my Christmas competitions I bring to you a lovely offering
from my friends over at Triqo. The
prize is a Triqo 100 box and a box of Triqo Deco, so you can familiarise
yourself with both types of building pieces. 

These are great sets for Christmas,
we have only ever owned a little set but just imagine how much you could build
with one of the big boxes! I have seen
amazing castles made. The pieces are just so sturdy and strong, yet surprisingly flexible!

But my two just enjoy making random
designs, that’s why these sets are great for children they can discover how the
pieces all slot together, see what they are capable and come up with their own
grand designs! It is a pleasant way to
pass the time over a cold winter, you want tasks that will preoccupy the kids
for hours, otherwise lets be honest it deteriorates quite quickly! If I have to hear anymore potty talk off my
two or break up another fight I might explode…

These pieces look
like they might help with my sibling rivalry issues, give them a task and a new type
of building project and away they go, suddenly they are long lost friends who like each other! 
Mummy sanity is restored and everyone lives happily ever after. So if you have space for another present
Triqo deserves a spot, it is available to buy from Amazon or of course you can fill out the rafflecopter below for your chance to win the prize bundle (RRP of Β£39.99). The competition will close on the 19th of December.

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127 thoughts on “Triqo Christmas Competition

  1. Me and my girls would love to build a palace and my boys would love to build a space station for their Star Wars figures!

  2. what I, let alone the kids, want to build will be irrelevant when my husband and brother set their eyes on this!

  3. I would build huge spaceship with my granddaughter and together we could pretend to blast off to space and go exploring other planets

  4. My little boy would probably try and build a dinosaur if that's even possible! I am sure he would manage it too. He loves to build, Great prize thanks for the chance to win.

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