Win a Moshi Monsters Trunki Case

So for the second day of my
Christmas competitions I have yet another amazing prize this time from the
lovely people over at Trunki. On offer is a Moshi Monsters Trunki Case;
the winner will be able to choose from either the Poppet or Katsuma
design. They are pretty adorable and I
know fans of Moshi Monsters will NEED one of these, even if it’s just to store
their vast collections in! You do not
need to be teeny just to have a Trunki! 
So if you have any age children with Moshi Monsters multiplying all over
the place that your in danger of trampling into the carpet, what better way to
store them than a themed Trunki!!!

love Trunki, when eldest was a tiny tot he had one to take on holiday, it kept
him occupied as I stashed colouring pens, snacks, toys and treats in there to
keep him going during the eight hour train journey! There is plenty of space and then when he got tired when we were waiting
on a cold platform he could sit nicely on his trunki and not be tempted to run
amuck around the place!!! If he looked
in need of some excitement I would wheel him around for a little and before you
know it we gradually made our way to our destination a lot less frazzled for
having a Trunki along to help us!

Believe it or not two million little Trunki’s have been made now and with the Moshi Monsters being released am sure that number will fly up even more. Each new Moshi Monsters case comes with an exclusive code so you can unlock a virtual Poppet or Katsuma suitcase for their Moshi Monsters room. My boys want to start playing the online game, I foolishly got rid of my codes in the figures packaging so hang onto any code you find! I heard codes for the game are like gold dust, especially a virtual suitcase how cool is that.

if you would like to win this lovely prize worth £39.99 then please fill out the
rafflecopter below by the 16th of December and someone in your
family could be a proud owner of the case to be seen with!!!

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175 thoughts on “Win a Moshi Monsters Trunki Case

  1. Love the trunkis, they would be great for weekends away so I don't have to keep sharing my weekend bag with my daughter 😉

  2. These are brilliant when my nephew comes camping with us he loves to have his own suitcase but he has a plain black one this would be lovely for him, can see him now just pulling it along even if it is packed with toys

  3. I'd love the Katsuma case for when my little boy stays over at his Nanna's house. Love your blog & fab comps. Thank you

  4. These trunki cases are so cute. My girls would love them. It's a good way to get them to look after their own bag for a bit!

  5. Have just found your blog, it is delightful. With regards to Trunki products I think my daughter would love them as she likes to pretend to drive round on anything she can sit on!

  6. First Trunki bought for grandson 4 years ago- it went with me to The Dominican Republic and back because I bought it at the airport, then taken to Spain where the grandson was born. He used it every trip to the uk when the family came to stay but 2 years ago when they moved back here to live it became storage for his army men and trucks.As the grandson says" Nana, I really need another one now for my holidays"! And into Moshi Monsters this one would be perfect. I saw it on Dragon's Den, knew it would be a phenominal success and boy has the tiger trunki earnt its keep and will continue to do so.

  7. I've always wanted to get a Trunki for my little boy, not that he exactly travels many places but he loves putting things in bags and dragging them from room to room at the moment (drives me a bit crazy to be honest, I'm finding spoons in the bedroom, my face cream in the fridge and tins of beans under the sofa!). We are going on a little two night break in January though so a Trunki would be perfect for the occasion! :~)

  8. There must be a gap in the market for the adult version. Just think about all those flight delays when we could play Trunki Polo in the airport to while away the hours 🙂

  9. I love Trunki's! My mum is moving closer soon and my son will be able to have sleepovers, really want to get him a Trunki to pack his things in. I think he'll love it!

  10. Moshi's are ace we went on the Moshi bus when it came to the Trafford Centre and had a great time including meeting Katsuma

  11. I love the fact they give little ones their own independence for holidays to pack their little bits inside . I would have absolutely loved one as a child they are just so colourful and bright and fun always to give fantastic memories of those holidays in the sun fingers crossed for my little one to win one xxxxx

  12. I love Moshi Monsters they have given me so much peace and quiet when my 8 year old has been playing on the computer.
    P.S. Love your blog as well!!!!

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