Win a pair of running shoes worth up to £90

On the fifth day of Christmas I bring you a competition
designed to get you fit with the chance to win a new pair of running shoes of your choice
from up to the value of £90! 
You might need them come the New Year anyway, if your new years
resolution is to get fit after too many mince pies and portions of Christmas
cake, then rather than dust off your old running shoes you can wear these to improve
your overall health.

With everyone directing what little money there is towards
Christmas presents and stocking up on Christmas food and drink, some items get
sadly neglected! My trainers have a
hole in the front but they will have to make do until January when I can claw
back some of the budget to spend on myself hopefully!

With up to £90 to spend though there is a huge selection
available to pick from, lots of different colours and styles. All the top names are featured on so if you have a favourite brand you are well accommodated
here. Finding a pair I love is not the
hard part, its actually finding the motivation to get outdoors running, but I
might be inspired if I had some decent footwear! Some of the running shoes are very bright so they might help
dampen the winter blues with a splash of colour.

It’s a long winter so I might as well be comfortable (lots of the shoes are cushioned) if I am
going out in the cold running around, perhaps I could convince the boys to join
in too, then they might burn off some of their never ending energy supplies!!!

To enter the competition simply fill in the
rafflecopter below by the 18th of December. I cannot promise it will get you out jogging
but I can promise the winner will look very stylish in whatever shoes they

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219 thoughts on “Win a pair of running shoes worth up to £90

  1. I plan to relax more in the evenings so I sleep better at nights. I suffer from insomnia but blame using my laptop right until bedtime!

  2. I really, really want to do The Color Run (despite that irritating missing 'o') next year and a new pair of bright, supportive running shoes would be the perfect way to start my training off…

  3. my new years resolution is the traditional try and get fit. Having moved I dont reply on the car half as much as I used to and I want to stop running out of puff so early!

  4. My New Years resolution is to start training again, I want to get my half marathon time sub 2 hours, so I need to shave 24 minutes off my time!!!

  5. I kept my resolution of not to make any resolutions all this year so I'll make the same resolution not to make any resolutions next year too!

  6. My New Year resolution will be to lose some weight – new trainers would give me a boost to get out and run more

  7. My new year's resolution is to lose weight! I know that's lots of people's resolutions and they give up after a month or two but keep reading. I had the same resolution last year and I've gone on to lose over 2 stone in 2013; I need to lose a stone more so 2014 is the year I intend getting to my goal weight.

  8. I don't really make new years resolutions so much as ongoing ones to stay fit and healthy, to eat well and get plenty of exercise.

  9. I will be running & swimming again in the New Year – I've had a year off after breaking my ribs in a riding accident and it is about time I got back out there…

  10. Im actually doing my New Years resolution now doing well but need some new running shoes for the treadmill and my cardio work outs

  11. I'm continuing my plan to go low-carb, I've done good this year but I could do better…there's no straight line to success, have to keep trying…

  12. i dont make resolutions, never have but new year will be me and the long suffering other half, exactly how i would want it 🙂

  13. I really ought to start doing some exercise – winning some running shoes might give me a kick up the back side!

  14. For New years this year, I think we will have a nice quiet one at our house, play a few board games, drink some wine, eat some total calorific food. Yum!

  15. Well a few months back I started running and eating healthy. I was majorly surprised at how much I enjoyed running, I thought I would hate it. However it soon got cold and I wanted to eat more stodgy comfort foods with the winter fast approaching so before you know it I'd hung up my trainers and switched the salads for winter warming stodginess. – However, I am restarting this health kick in January, I hit 30 on Christmas eve and I feel getting healthy is now something I must do 🙂

  16. I'm pregnant, due in January, hoping that I can start some gentle excercise in the spring and lose all the baby weight, so these would be a fab to win

  17. Mine is to start running more again. I got up to 5k from nothing during the summer this year but then all the bad weather hit and I huddled away from the cold. 🙂

  18. After recently getting in to health eating and fitness I have lost just under 3 stones in 15 weeks so I would like to continue my journey in to 2014 and hopefully join a beginners running club 🙂

  19. Would love to win these shoes, I do a lot of walking but am hoping to up the ante to jogging and running next year as am wanting to lose weight so a decent pair of shoes would really help.

  20. New years resolution would be a little less for me and a little more for my husband, sometimes take him for granted,eg he will take the boys to the lake district just so i can have a few hours on my own to relax and glam up before taking me out for tea. he doesnt get any time to himself atm.

  21. I've signed up to do the Scottish Moonwalk next June so I'll be training hard for that. I did the 1st Scottish one but had my leg shattered by a dog when I was training for the 2nd. I was left with nerve damage & sciatica so will be doing the marathon on crutches

  22. To dust off my hiking boots and rucksack and start hill climbing again..missed it being unfit for a while. Raring to go again

  23. after christmas i need to get fitter for health reasons. I am newly diagnosed diabetic and need to get my blood sugars down with the help of the insulin and running it should be easy

  24. I also need new running shoes, started running again 6 months ago so it is time to invest in new better shoes. and I am skint, just like everyone else really.

  25. I don't really make resolutions as I beat myself up if I fail – but next year I plan take more me time!! I've spent the last few years running around after everyone else – so maybe been selfish would be good for my health as I can then go back to aerobics!

  26. to get fit and loose some weight i ahve put on so much since giving up smoking its time to loose it and get fit again and these would really help me get into jogging

  27. I need to start running again. I was a fitness freak had a hip replacement and let it go. Need to get back to some short runs to build up again.

  28. I've done the couch to 5k thing this year, going from complete novice to now running 10k (very proud of myself for that!!). Have signed up to The Great North Run next year – and my trainers must be about 12 years old and they leak water.. boo! Some new trainers would be a real motivation 😀

  29. I'm currently going through Rehab and will be stepping up my training in the New Year and winning these would help a lot. New Year, New Start, New Shoes!!

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