Bloom & Wild Review and Competition

was pleasantly surprised by my delivery from Bloom & Wild I really did not think
flowers slim enough to fit through a letterbox would open up as beautifully as
this bouquet did. There was a lovely
selection of pretty flowers and instructions on arranging them and keeping them
at their best, they also kindly and rather handily included a sachet of flower

& Wild are the first letterbox florist; this is a very useful feature of
the company. Often busy people are not
in to accept deliveries but with Bloom & Wild you need not worry as your
delivery can be posted through your letterbox to be admired as soon as you
arrive home!

The flowers arrived in perfect condition, lots of care and
attention was taken to ensure they arrived like this. The vulnerable buds were wrapped in special protective netting so
you would never have guessed they had travelled by post to your house, as once
out of the packaging and displayed in a vase they were as striking as any from
a local florist.

I tried to follow the arrangement tips but lets just saw
my skills could not do these delightful flowers justice. It was a real treat receiving them to
review, but I am surprised how affordable the flower subscription service they
offer is. Given the quality of the fresh
flowers and the fact postage is included the three subscription package options
seem quite reasonable.

So far they are proving long lasting, since taking my
initial photographs the lilies are opening up and there is a lovely scent
coming off them.

I have a wonderful prize to offer you and it’s a 3-month
fortnightly subscription to Bloom & Wild (worth £80), if you would like to
try your luck please complete the rafflecopter below by the 15th of February.

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168 thoughts on “Bloom & Wild Review and Competition

  1. Would be great to have something like this come through the post box! At the moment it just seems to be bills all the time! 🙂

  2. Would love this, after looking on twitter and seeing all your great feedback I'm keen to try Bloom and Wild at some point 🙂 Nothing like flowers to brighten your day (certainly better than bills! haha) x

  3. I was cleaning out one of my many over-stuffed cupboards last weekend, and I have 4 (4!!!) vases waiting for be used! xxx

  4. Thank you so much for this comp, I treated myself to some flowers from Bloom and Wild a couple of months ago and have been pining for some more ever since!

  5. The concept of a letterbox florist is absolutely awesome and they give you flower food and even give you flower arranging instructions, wow. I'm blown away.

  6. OOh wow what a wonderful product! I hadn't heard of these before so thank you for the post! I try to buy flowers oncea month if I can afford them. I have some cheerful daffodils at the moment. I suffer with seasonal affective disorder so bright blooms really help to cheer me up xxx

  7. I love flowers. In the summer I will pick a posy occasionally from the garden like sweet peas but since I have a small garden want to leave others there. In the winter, there are no flowers there at all so flowers at that time afre a very special treat.

  8. Love that these fit through the letterbox – but especially love that they give some tips for arranging! I'm useless at that

  9. Great prize. Would love to win – fed up with answering the door to the postie only to find the flowers are for my neighbour!

  10. I love having flowers in the house and usually have to buy them myself, would be lovely to have them for free 🙂

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