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I could not resist the chance to see my two boys turned into
superheros and thankfully the talented team of artists at Custom Cartoon Bakery did rather
a fabulous job. It was a simple process for me I just sent over a picture and they worked their magic.

From this:

To this:

The boys were very excited with their new persona’s. It is living the dream for them with their swishing capes and flying ability!

You have quite a bit of flexibility, as there are so many
different themes and you can review your cartoon and make revisions to ensure
you’re happy with the end result. I
made a minor change to our cartoon and it was handled promptly and

I chose to have the design your own superhero option so I just mentioned an outline of what I wanted and they created my vision. Custom Cartoon Bakery even made the suggestion to add the letters on to their superhero costumes, which I think was a nice touch. It is really reassuring having them help you get your drawing just right, meaning the poster or canvas you eventually select will be just want you and your children have always wanted.

I love the expressions on my boys faces, the way youngest
looks endearingly at his big brother especially. We opted for the cartoon faces but you can go for realistic style
faces if you so choose. It is an extra special gift that parents and children alike will treasure always.

If you use the code MissingSleep at the checkout when placing your order you will receive 20% off and worry not there are plenty of options for the girls who prefer to be princesses and fairies too (because for some a cape has to be passed over for a pretty ballgown!).

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