Day 2 of the Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown

Another day another one of the fabulous new Moshi Monsters to introduce
to you, a highlight on this very bitter morning for me anyway!

I am freezing so glad to be home and tapping away on here and
showing you the next character in the lineup, none other than Cleetus
the Seal with a Reel!

Remarkably despite the fishing rod and fisherman’s hat Cleetus is actually afraid of water… the fishing rod is more for entertainment, whizzing rusty hubcaps and pretending they are flying saucers! Not everything is as it seems when it comes to Moshi Monsters! You have to delve deeper into their unique little personalities to really understand them…

He likes chewing fish paste so you might want to keep a reasonable distance between yourself and his fishy breathe! But he is certainly worth meeting, a common character favouring dried up riverbeds so you know where to track him down!

Come back tomorrow and see who next will be unveiled!

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