Dreaming Big

Probably with grand ideas above our station my mum would say but I cannot help myself! With the house taking awhile to go through I
keep daydreaming about the eventual designs for the house. I keep watching house renovation programmes
with relish, I am googling ideas and mood boards
and generally spending big chunks of my day thinking about the house. My blogging and housework productivity
levels have dropped considerably whilst I live in my little home design bubble!

In my dreamland cost does not come into it, but the
reality is unless I win a generous ITV competition between now and the next few
months we will be doing very gradual work on the house. But try and tell that to the part of my
brain that lives in the world of magic and make believe rather than the hard
reality of life.


a few of the jobs could be done if we shop around and use cash back sites and
butter up friends to come and help decorate in exchange for a few drinks and a
fish supper (splendid idea from a blogging friend of mine!). I am still entering competitions in-between
my day dreaming sessions so something might yet surprise me. Then there might be enough cash left over
for the bath in the bedroom master plan and the renovated kitchen project.

kitchen has a pantry separately with a lockable door! I can just imagine the children locking each other in there for
kicks! Plus I do not feel I need a
pantry otherwise I might take on my mum’s habit of hoarding tins and toilet
paper! Seriously if the shops ever run
out of toilet paper or beans we will be fine for YEARS! Getting rid of the pantry will make the
kitchen a much better shape, so we can have a little kitchen table there and room
for more kitchen worktops,
to help complete the transformation.

for me the bath in the bedroom will be an ultimate treat, watching TV with a
glass of wine in hand surrounded in bubbles aaaaah! Bliss.

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