Family New Year’s resolutions for 2014

Promising to stick to your New Year’s resolutions is often a resolution in itself. In our hectic family of four we usually forget about our individual resolutions by January 2nd, so this year I’m trying to make a special effort to get everyone to keep them.

To do this I’ve made four resolutions for the whole family and I may have found a way to keep them – let me explain.

Resolution #1: Spend more time as a family

Like most families, we could certainly say that we need to spend more time together.

Part of this means unplugging from all our mobile devices and gadgets. It’s hard to get through a mealtime these days without one us pulling out our phone to read a text or beat a high score on Candy Crush – and I’m equally as guilty as the kids.

Even sitting down as a family to watch TV isn’t true family time anymore as the kids are usually online chatting to other people on Facebook or Twitter.

That’s why I’m looking forward to going to Haven next year. Although you can get wifi in the caravans, we’re going to do without it so that our family can enjoy a gadget-free break with no distractions from mobile phones or tablets.

Maybe we’ll even have a chat around the dinner table!

Resolution #2: Save money

Christmas is always a strain on the old purse strings and almost always ends up with us making a New Year’s resolution to save money – mainly out of necessity.

But we still want to give our kids a holiday and while saving money means cutting back, it doesn’t have to mean completely doing without.

So instead of going abroad this summer, we’ve decided to go on holiday right here in the UK. We’ve never really done it in the past – always being drawn in by the warmer weather abroad. But with all these ‘staycations’ that everyone’s talking about, it’s got us thinking about the great places we have in our own country that we never make time to visit.

So this year we’re going on holiday in the UK – saving money on both travel and accommodation.

Resolution #3: Try something new

The New Year is the perfect time to try something new and I’m always encouraging my boys to take up new after-school activities. But I think this is something the whole family could benefit from – including us parents.

I know my husband will love archery and now that eldest is a bit older, he’ll be made-up if we let him do it too.

But it’s also fun to try something new as a whole family, so we’ll either go for a bike ride or play mini golf.

Resolution #4: Take the dog on holiday with us

Every year it’s absolutely heart-breaking leaving the dog behind when we go on holiday. But since we’re going on holiday in the UK this year, we’ve decided to make it a holiday that includes old Holly, our black collie cross.

She’s always left behind and family holidays aren’t the same without her. That’s why I’m so glad I discovered that you can actually take dogs to certain Haven parks.

All we have to do is pay a small supplement and Holly will be able to spend the whole holiday with us. And since there are only three parks in the UK where dogs aren’t allowed, all we need to do now is choose where to go.

And with 34 parks nationwide, we’re spoilt for choice!

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