Getting Personal Valentine Competition

It is time
to start thinking about Valentines and giving our loved ones a token present to let them know
how cherished they are, you do not have to spend much to have something quite
lovely from Getting Personal.

The Valentine range is handily broken down into gifts
for him or her, engraved gifts, chocolate & sweets, personalised gifts and wine
& champagne, making it very easy to find something perfect within budget. There is even a risqué section if your feeling more adventurous!!! Hubbie can forget that I do not want to give him any ideas…

I think the cute personalised Peas in a Pod mugs (£9.99) are fabulous. I would quite happily drink my tea out of this and feel all loved up!

I crave comfort and being cosy, so I would have to add the Microwavable Bagpuss Slippers (£15.99) to my must own list! After heating in the microwave they are meant to keep your feet warm for hours… aaaah bliss!

If you would like to win the Sweet Words I Love You Sweet Boxes (£19.99), which looks a tasty treat indeed, then you simply must enter my competition. Then you can enjoy eight little boxes crammed with the likes of cola bottles, fried eggs, kola cubes, jelly babies, super shrimps, Love Hearts, Fizzers and Refreshers Chews. A great selection for those with a sweet tooth!

Please kindly fill out the rafflecopter below by the 2nd of February to be included in the draw.

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220 thoughts on “Getting Personal Valentine Competition

  1. Lovely giveaway, we are doing valentines on a budget so I've just started thinking of some simple ideas, never too early to start planning.

  2. The song "What's love got to do with it" springs to mind when it comes to sweets. My sweet tooth is way more important 🙂 Thanks for a great giveaway, much appreciated as always!

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