Griffin KaZoo MyPhones Penguin Competition

decided to get my boys headphones the other day, they were both playing
computer games and it was so noisy! 
They had their volumes cranked up loud blaring out, so much for us all
sitting peacefully in the living room. 
I could hear Mario’s every move and frankly as much as I like the
character sometimes it’s nice to have silence…

having a good look around I stumbled upon these Griffin KaZoo Myphones
headphones. They had very cute penguin
or frog designs.

But what I liked best
about them was the fact they were over the ear headphones so they were not
jamming something into their ears. 
Youngest is prone to ear infections so I feel more reassured he is not
prodding anything in them and setting them off again!

have reduced considerably because the pair of them can both hear their
respective games. We do not have the
Mario theme tune competing with Lego City anymore. I am enjoying the calm and wishing I had thought to get
headphones earlier.

headphones are adjustable and fit both my 4 and 6 year old perfectly, I had
read the positive reviews on Amazon and was a little concerned, as most of the
people had bought them for 2 and 3 year olds. 
But they fitted fine and were comfortable to wear.

headphones cleverly have volume-limiting circuitry installed, eldest said: “It’s
on the high mode but its not that loud” – which makes me feel better! I know that his ears will be protected at a
safe level. Plus the appealing design
means they cannot get enough of wearing them.

you would like to win a pair of headphones in the penguin design please leave a
comment below or on my facebook page if your having trouble doing so here. The competition will close on the 25th
of January but if you cannot wait till then you can buy your own set for Β£15.90
off Amazon.

265 thoughts on “Griffin KaZoo MyPhones Penguin Competition

  1. Ahhh Happy New Year and thank you – these look so cute! My kids are all penguin obsessed after watching a few of the Polar based nature programmes on tv over the festive period!

  2. What fun! We have some ear muffs similar, they don't stay on that long outside, if ever! But having a pair that are used for listening at home might encourage the use of an ear warming pair outside. ( The levels we have to go too!)

  3. These are fantastic! Love the design & even more in love with the fact they are protecting delicate little ears. Fingers crossed for our little boy. Fab giveaway as ever!

  4. Please enter me into the draw they look amazing, only problem will be deciding which child in the family to gift them to.

  5. These are definitely a must for little kiddies, I like over the ear, earphones as well I think they are more practical x

  6. These look brilliant, my little boy often likes to watch cartoon films on Netflix using his tablet or play his games, fun for him, however I must admit it can be extremely irritating hearing the screechy voices of some characters. These would restore a small piece of sanity in my day πŸ˜‰

  7. I showed them to my little sister and she got all excited about the cuteness, if i don't win i'll have to buy too cute!

  8. Would love these to stop my daughter borrowing mine, even though she sings out loud to her favourite songs!!! Quite embarrassing when were on a train!!!!!

  9. My little boy absolutely loves penguins! And if he had these, then he could use them on his LeapPad, which would make my husband happy! A lovely prize, please do count me in

  10. Ha, brilliant. Our Beth thinks everything should be on full blast at the moment. Less headaches and more peace, we wish.

  11. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! Been looking for headphones for my little boy who is 4yrs old,he loves his new ds console,and is always listening to music

  12. My grandson Kris would love these. He is six and I love the way you can make sure they aren't too loud for them. They look attractive too….glad I have seen them.

  13. I feel really bad when I ask them to turn the volume off. Its just sometimes after a really long day at work, the last thing I need to hear is Despicable Me minions doing whatever it is they're doing to make such a horrendous noise. We've tried all kinds of ear phones but they tend to hurt the inside of the girls ears. Headphones that are attractive to children are a great idea.

  14. I would love a pair of these, our daughter got a vtech tab thingy for xmas and the sound of 'Disney's Sofia the first' is starting to drive me slightly crazy

  15. This is such a great idea. My son would love it now he has a little sister and he's forced to listen to his music quietly.

  16. oh these look super cute, my son would love them for when hes playing on his wii u ( and so would i so i dont have to listen to mario anymore lol)
    fab giveaway thank you πŸ™‚

  17. i love these , we have grandson who s birthday is coming up and he d love lease thanks can i be entered please ,,

  18. We love our children to enjoy them selves but we love to talk at a sensible volume. oh the peace and joy from a conversation at acceptable decibels and children at peace from nagging parents!!! how I would love to win these. Of course we then have to deal with the arguments over whose turn it is to use them !!!

  19. this would be fantastic πŸ™‚ I'm fed up of listening to the guy from the minecraft videos on youtube my 7 year old is obsessed with lol x

  20. how amazing are these would love to win them for when my nephew comes to my home he would be well impressed πŸ™‚

  21. Not Stampylongnose/ longhead by any chance is it? My littlun is obsessed with his vids, and his voice is so annoying, and don't even get me started on his laugh!

  22. My 6 year old daughter would love these for listening to the music on her dads phone as I won't let her use in-ear bud type headphones. They look comfortable too.

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