Keeping my fingers crossed

Well we have paid for our survey to be done, so it’s only
a matter of time (with fingers tightly crossed of course!) to see if it comes
back okay! I am a little sceptical of
the roof, but only as I saw a few rogue slates last time we visited looking up
forlornly up at me from the driveway! 
With the weather so gusty at the moment it’s only natural for a few to
make an escape but I hope they do not affect the house purchase in any way!!!

a bit of a worrier it’s affecting my sleep, so now I am missing sleep for my
own reasons for a change! Hubbie seems
to cope admirably with stress levels; I on the other hand am definitely not as
robust. So tonight I shall try and
count sleep rather than £££ signs over how much the renovations will
potentially cost us (assuming the house ever goes through!!!).

am searching all over the internet to try and assess how much some jobs will
cost us, so we can live on beans on toast now for weeks on end to build up some
spare cash for everything! With roofing supplies taken care of I
wonder if we can save money by sending hubbie up there. He has a better head for heights than
me! I could hold the ladder to do my
bit. Then hopefully we could smarten up the roof a bit!

also want to also get rid of a fire escape as I worry the children will manage
to fall off, my youngest considers himself a “tough cookie” so I would not put
it past him to try some stunts. He ran
into a table the other day and is now modelling a potential broken nose…

my list continually gets LONGER, I even get panicky about asbestos in case
there is any in the house! So I am
googling what I need to get that checked out. 
I can suddenly see why buying a house is considered one of the most
stressful things you can do!!!

One thought on “Keeping my fingers crossed

  1. Go to the Council and get copies of all the Planning Applications submitted for the property. The diagrams sometimes detail whether asbestos has been used. That's how I found out there is asbestos in our toilet. But it is buried underground so no problem. If something looks like asbestos you can send a sample to have it tested. I did with my horrible looking loft insulation and it came back clear.

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