Leapfrog LeapPad Adventure Sketchers Game Review

boys were absolutely delighted to see a new game arrive for their Leapfrog

Adventure Sketchers was
great because it encouraged them both to develop an interest in
drawing/colouring in as it was incorporated into the adventure. My eldest loves Maths and English but is not
overly keen on drawing but for a computer game he is willing to make an
exception! This game gives him the
confidence to draw things he might not normally.

is quite exciting rescuing nublins trapped in cages, jumping on bad guys and
later shooting them with magic powers and collecting all the gold coins to
unlock treasure chests. Along your journey
you have a very manly sounding fairy to give you some guidance (encouraging you
to stay in the lines or telling you what to do in different sections of the

of my favourite parts was hearing my boys do little voice recordings to be
added to the game. When insulting
Grumpus the evil wizard youngest was calling him “you old brain” and “you ugly
bean”! haha and the superhero’s
catchphrase was “widdle waddle, donut waddle” – could you imagine Superman
flying in saying that! But it’s great to
see what your children will come up with and hear their cute voices.

think the game is brilliant for young imaginations as they are involved in
building the game, the characters, the sound effects and even the ledges to
jump across! My 4 year old and my 6
year old give it a big thumbs up.

to buy from the leapfrog
website but keep an eye on Amazon they had it for a bargain £10 recently
(just gone out of stock boo).

also wanted to draw your attention to a Leapfrog
Children and Technology guide as I think its very enlightening and useful
with so many children playing on adult phones and tablets, you can learn some techniques
to keep them safe (or just order them their own LeapPad Ultra!).

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