Making the most of the January Sales

I desperately need a bigger dinning table and thankfully there is a sale at Furniture Choice at the moment. This time of year is perfect for furnishing a house with all the lovely reductions everywhere on the internet, we do not have a key yet but we can hopefully get some purchases at a bit of a saving and keep them to one side ready for the move! It would be a shame not to make the most of it especially with so many more rooms to fill this time round…

But it’s the dining table we want more than anything; the boys sit far too closely at the moment with seating for four so there are lots of sneaky kicks! If we had a massive table even with all the will in the world they will never be able to reach each other! I could sit them at opposite ends and enjoy some welcome peace.

One of the extending tables might do the trick because when its just hubbie and I dining we can eat more closely and enjoy a romantic meal in relative calm, just extending it to its full capacity when trouble with the boys start!

We have always found mealtimes difficult, not that long ago youngest on completing his meal would lick his plate then fling it at the floor! So if there are sneaky measures I can do to make mealtime more pleasurable then I am happy to give them a try. For a while back then we stuck to plastic plates now we are over that little challenge a bigger table should take the problem out of the warring siblings!

If we had a giant dining table hubbie might actually be more up for socialising too! We could have friends over for dinner and wine (make that lots of wine!), then board games or watch a film. It’s hard to imagine how much a piece of furniture can change your life but I have high hopes for our new dining table.

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