Making the most of my time

was watching The Internship film the other night (I still have a bit of a thing
for Owen Wilson, actually I better remain focused or I will start drooling over
him and forget the whole point of my blog post!) and there was a comment on
there about how no one needs watches anymore as everyone looks at their

I for one would prefer a watch any day! 
If you look at a smartphone your back drawn into checking your emails,
updating a facebook status or googling some pointless information before
remembering you were just meant to be checking the time!!!

With a watch you can reliably know the time then carry on
about your business without delay. I am
terrible when I am blogging I will scan through everyone’s updates on facebook,
see if there is anything juicy going on, possibly read the news if I feel inclined
before actually getting down to the business of writing a blog post.

So I cannot give up on the invention of the watch, with
that I at least for part of the day am removed from social media… there would
be no hope for me otherwise. If I got
stopped in the street and asked the time on a smartphone, I could find myself
realising 30 minutes later I had never answered, as I was too busy trying to
read hidden messages in seemly innocent facebook updates… especially those
picture ones when your convinced they are directed at you! Hubbie always says do not be so silly, but I
cannot help myself. It’s a little hobby
to go alongside the Owen Wilson gazing!

I have picked myself out a new watch, as the last one (a gorgeous white design
and a competition prize of old) broke. 
I love this one from The Watch
Hut, it reminds me of what I liked about my previous one. The chunky style suits me, as I am
definitely not a lady with a delicate wrist!

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